Top 14 Funny Awkward Flyers Classifieds, For Cheap Sale

People are sometimes not embarrassed on resale sites, whether on Marketplace, on Vinted or on the unusual classifieds of Leboncoin. They don’t hesitate to sell old crap thinking they are good negotiators. A chance, we can count on the insta account” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Awkward Flyer to denounce its big scams really not chouettas. This is a good person.

1. Workshop posting photos of yourself on Instagram while looking like you are doing sports

2. Workshop accept cookies

3. For sale, new vacuum cleaner, used only once but a little too noisy for me

4. Pointing Seagulls Workshop

5. Workshop pretend you don’t give a fuck

6. For sale, super car with flames that will attract the attention of the ladies

7. For sale, Jesus shitty stain effect on toilet paper

8. Workshop how not to look like a big shit on an electric scooter

9. Ignore Your Mom’s Facebook Invites Workshop

10. Workshop talking to that “buddy” you hate without her noticing

11. I’m selling my spray tan for pretty obvious reasons.

12. For sale flashing my eight year old BMW. Never used

13. For sale, anti-covid mask

14. Workshop pissing people off on the road with his BMW

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