Top 14 fathers who are role models, the drama-kings

Fathers are strange creatures who sometimes have outbursts of completely weird parenting ideas. By wanting to teach their children a lesson or learn something, they can go in a very stupid direction or simply play drama-kings for no reason or a bad joke, which we suggest you see through a few examples that netizens shared.

1. The somewhat Machiavellian father

My friend had his phone confiscated by his father and he found this under his door:


“Why don’t you reply to my messages?”

– Oh attends….

2. The touchy father

We were having dinner with my father and my two brothers talking about jokes about darons that we thought were funny. Suddenly my dad said, “I’ve only made three jokes about darons in my life and they’re in front of me.”

Sacred punchline.

3. The Awakening of Anguish

My father was a bit too much when he wanted to teach me something. Like that time he woke me up to change a tire in the rain. “It can happen, and it is better to be prepared for this eventuality because life does not give any warning when things like this happen to you”.

4. Driving Lessons from Anxiety

I am the oldest of the siblings. When I was learning to park a car, my dad used my brother and sister as traffic studs and I had to park between them. The lesson was to do the maneuver without crushing my brothers and sisters while my father was yelling at the studs not to move.

5. Best way to get kids to nap

Sometimes I change the language of the film to put it in Spanish and since my children don’t understand I tell them that they are tired and should take a nap. When they wake up I replay the film in English and they think they did well to sleep.

6. The father a little too dramatic to know if his son will eat at home

“My dad is a little too dramatic when I’m not home all day”

– Hello, this is the hotel manager, will you be having dinner in our establishment tonight?

7. The father who does not take tweezers at all

When my children were young I told them never to run in the street showing them crushed frogs because they had been run over. Later I also showed my son who had a girlfriend the price of baby diapers when he wanted to buy a car. Diapers or car?

8. The father who (really) cares about his daughter’s education

My daughter skipped school yesterday so this morning I decided to walk her out the door dressed like this to make sure she doesn’t miss another day of school.

9. The Best

Once I was late for training and the coach made me run laps around the field.

My father was the coach and he was the one who took me to training.

10. Not Better

My dad showed me a powerpoint presentation of why you should always wear condoms during sex. All the slides were photos of me.

11. A father asked his children to draw him sleeping so he could sleep peacefully.

12. The father who knows how to put newcomers at ease

My dad asked my sister’s new boyfriend to step aside when we were taking a picture so he could cut him out of the picture when she dumped him. It still makes me laugh.

13. The One Who Holds a Grudge

When I turned 42, my father gave me back the card I had sent for his 42nd birthday where I didn’t care about him.

14. The Cruel Father

I’ve built trust with my son by giving him high fives for two years. Today I’m going to show him his first “too slow” and give him a wind. Welcome to the real world son.

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