Top 14 ads from Vinted in an honest version, this app that wants us badly

One day a friend told me about Vinted and it’s a bit like she had given me an orphan disease. Before I didn’t do any shopping and now I buy shitty stuff for 3 bucks all day long, negotiating 50 cents like an old raklo. But what have I become? Let us investigate this clothing phenomenon in an illustrative way.

1. When you try to go all out

Image 1

2. The influencer nightmare

Image 6 1

3. When you spell the magic word: “Vintage”

Ecran 2

4. Above all ask no questions

Image 7

5. Arched posture + optional duckface

Image 3

6. “Greetings to you? Do you have an 06 to miss?”

Image 8

7. People who ask for photos of the garment worn: go to hell

Image 9 1

8. Last attempt before it ends up in the trash

Image 5

9. I dare not even give it to Emmaus

Image 10

10. We don’t want a discussion ok?

Image 11

11. Who tries nothing at all

Image 4

12. Don’t even worry

Ecran 12

13. For the rest of the negotiations, you will have to consult my legal department

Image 13

14. After a while not really drunk

Ecran 12 1

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