Top 13 series that are exactly the same, it’s abused a bit

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new Love & Gelato movie, don’t, I’ll save you some time: we’re clearly on an Italian remake of the Emily in Paris series with Vespas and three-scoop ice cream . So that made me really want to criticize, but since I had already made films that tell the same thing and we didn’t know it, I told myself that I was going to talk to you about the series instead. Because UNLIKE OTHERS, I do not copy what has already been done.

1. H2O and the Totally Spies

Three teenage girls (a confident maxi, a rebellious, and a naive) must hide their peculiarities from others and find themselves in a secret place where they can finally be themselves. Thanks to the help of an old person, they have to solve lots of missions without being detected, all while managing their heart stories. Like a little air of similarity, no? Nope ?


2. Vikings et The Last Kingdom

Scenes of massive battles, history of Denmark galore, Viking culture, do you want some, here are some, almost identical costumes, charismatic main character, but a little too virile… It’s not to nitpick, but frankly, we are clearly on the same series within a few decades.


3. Outlander et Poldark

Do you like sex stories in mid-18th century England, full of fights and beautiful costumes? You can watch one out of two episodes of Poldark and Outlander, that won’t be a problem, you’ll understand the whole story, I promise.


4. Elite and Young Royals

Hello, we are rich high schoolers having big problems with fucking in front of our lockers at 3:30 p.m. and bully loving scholars who didn’t ask for anything. Come on, I’ll let you guess which of these two series I was thinking of when I said that.


5. Desperate Housewives et Grey’s Anatomy

People who live in Wisteria Lane or who pass by Seattle Grace Hospital really have no ass because they are clearly in the places where all the worst disasters in the world happen. We are on two series that tell the life of friends who go through the worst ordeals, with a lot of deaths and a voiceover that tells us moralizing sentences full of wisdom. Copy paste.


6. Such a big sun and tomorrow belongs to us

Hérault region, family stories, rivalries, romance, bereavement, police intrigue, 36,000 characters… No, but they didn’t do it to us, it’s clearly the same series, one in Sète and the other in Montpellier. There are some who don’t care about plagiarism anyway.


7. Friends et Seinfeld

I say it loud and clear: Friends pumped everything on Seinfeld. You only have to look at the pitch to see it: we follow the stories of a group of friends living in the same place in New York and who have complex love stories and work problems, but who know how to laugh. If there you tell me that it’s not exactly the same series, I eat my computer keyboard key by key.


8. New Girl et How I Met Your Mother

Another bunch of friends who all sleep with each other while most live under the same roof. Almost want to say that we are also on remakes of Friends and Seinfeld but would I dare?


9. Malcolm and My Family First

These two series are not similar just because they are American family sitcoms. We also find the authoritarian and crazy mother, the immature father, the very intelligent child, the completely stupid child and the rebellious child. That’s a lot there, right?

Malcolm 2

10. Ozark et Breaking Bad

The story of a ramdom guy with a chaotic family, who falls into cartels and gets caught up in the game to the point of saying that he does it out of obligation when he really likes it. Not to us screenwriters, not to us.


11. Candice Renoir et Balthazar

I don’t want to spit on French detective series, but these are clearly far too similar, except that one focuses on a police captain and the other on a medical examiner. Each manages his team of funny little ones, grabs his partners, has an extraordinary intelligence, solves murders in two minutes flat and has a shitty love life. Make them actually date.


12. Valeria and Sex Life

A girl settled in her life with a perfect guy meets another man who leads her into a particularly unhealthy love triangle. She ends up cheating on her boyfriend and lives her best sexual experiences with her new lover (and we are witnessing a lot of sex scenes, a lot, a lot…). If you only have to watch one, I still recommend Valeria who also talks about the love stories of the main character’s friends (even if it means watching a series of ass, you might as well do it thoroughly).


13. Bones et Castle

I’m not going to repeat the story for you, we are still on a beautiful copy-pasted by very subtle: an agent of the American investigation services must work in collaboration with a person in the profession quite distant from his. If at first they hate each other, they end up falling in love and finally solving 10,000 criminal cases hand in hand. They also overcome horrific and downright improbable ordeals but you guessed it.


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