Top 13 reasons to take your wife’s name when you get married

When people think of straight marriage, they always think of the woman taking her husband’s last name. What the classic thing. But we think the classic thing sucks. You have to change the codes. If you are a man and you plan to get married one day, we tell you: take the name of your wife. And if you are skeptical about this idea, here are some arguments that should fully satisfy you.

1. You refuse to perpetuate a patriarchal and sexist tradition

That’s true, why would it be up to a woman to drop her surname to take a man’s? It’s completely arbitrary. Are you an arbitrary person? We don’t get the impression.

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2. Because your last name is ultra cheum so you might as well take a better one

Your name is “Moutier”, “Gros” or even “Puduk”, and you would clearly do better to offer yourself a better life by abandoning this unsightly name.

3. It will piss off your parents

Especially if they vote right. Even more if they are subscribed to Current Values. They deserve it all the more.

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4. If you don’t, her last name will disappear with her.

It would be a shame, especially since his family is nicer than yours (his father lent you his drill, never forget that).

5. Because you love your wife so much that you want to be like her

You even try on her dresses in secret when she leaves for work. Why not try his name?

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6. Because you don’t jerk off at home and your wife deserves more to name your couple after her

If at least you moved your ass so as not to leave all the mental burden on your wife, you could pretend to give her your name, but that’s dead.

7. Because your wife is more likely to become famous than you

Since you don’t know how to do anything special, you can just enjoy being “the husband of”, which is not bad.

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8. To see the priest pull the face at the Church

Inevitably, it will not make him like the guy too much. But what does he know about the couple anyway?

9. To have an argument in every argument

“Uh, I remind you that I gave you a gift by taking your name, so I’m the one who chooses the film for tonight”

Yes, it’s ugly, but all the blows are allowed during an argument.

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10. According to a study by the International Laboratory of Puy-en-Velay, men who take their wife’s name are statistically less likely to slap their little toe against furniture.

This is an undeniable advantage over ordinary mortals.

11. You can brag about being original

Don’t hesitate to treat others like sheep and shout “bêêêê” as they pass.

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12. You don’t remember, but you promised her

It was when you were flirting with her. You said a lot of things you didn’t mean to seduce her, like: “yes, I cook very well” or “I love going to the opera”. And you also said you’d take your wife’s name to pass as a BG. Now we have to take it.

13. What is a name?

In the end, isn’t it just a succession of letters… Is it really that important…..? Does life have a meaning……. Is the universe over…..? Is Un Dos Tres not the best series in the world…..?

And even if your marriage sucks, tell yourself that there will always be a worse marriage than yours.

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