Top 13 people who have trouble making up their minds

Sometimes in the morning I get up and I don’t know if I’m making myself a tea or a coffee. Then afterwards I wash and I don’t know if I shampoo my hair. Then I brush my teeth and I don’t know if I’m going to use a toothbrush and toothpaste or just my old Mentos. In short, I don’t know how to make up my mind and obviously I’m not the only one. Certain people, certain objects, certain situations sometimes show how difficult it is to make a frank decision in life.

1. Does that mean I’m expecting triplets?

2. “You failed the exam”

3. What is your point?

– The McDonald’s cashier: small, medium or large fries?

– I do

– The cashier: I don’t understand

– me: sorry, McOui.

4. Both

Someone *sees my bitten nails*: so you’re gay or anxious?

I do

5. Great, what do we do now?

6. When your shower no longer knows if it’s a shower or a car wash

7. Drunk, she can’t answer anymore

“Which would you rather have, Trump being in jail or being financially impeached? – yes “

8. Question of the day:

Which should cost less: a liter of gas or a liter of milk?



9. “Is it coke? Is it coffee? Yes.”

10. Good but then hammer or not hammer in fact?

11. This handle that doesn’t know what it’s doing

12. This woman who clearly isn’t clear about her choices: she pays for her daughter’s wedding and gets pregnant with her son-in-law.

13. This guy who got into the cannabis business before finally getting lazy

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