Top 13 of the most disgusting parents of students in history, poor teachers…

The teachers would like to deal only with pearls of very nice parents of students, but the problem is that the parents of students are often BIG RIDERS. The kind to take their children for kings and to accuse the teachers of almost all the evils of the Earth (limits hunger in the world, it’s their fault). If you still doubt it, read these testimonials from teachers who deal with very annoying parents. You will see that they deserve a little more money each month.

1. The parent of a student who is a little too comfortable

2. The parent who forgot to be polite

3. Parents of students who fight

4. The parent who believes that the school makes the laws

5. The King Student Parent

6. The parent of a student who is a little too precious

7. The parent who says too much

8. The parent closed to communication

9. The parent who got ahead of the program

10. The Overly Emotional Parent

11. The parent who doesn’t give a damn

12. The parent who wants to change the rules

13. The vexing parent

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