Top 13 of the funniest illustrations of Neil Kohney, we can laugh with delight

Hi my cuttings, once is not custom, we found a talented illustrator, of genius, of his daronne the life of the dog of his schlaguoss (total loss of control over my vocabulary). His name is Neil Kohney and he makes us laugh devilishly so we invite you to visit his twitter account as soon as possible The Other End Comics which is certainly one of the most beautiful creations of humanity.

1. The Dangers of Big Mouth

– Why are you silent all the time?

– Small mouth.

– QUOI ?


2. When you try to run away from a conversation

– So I told him “this is the last place I will go”!

– Haha yes.

“I was hoping someone would join us, because I have nothing more to say to you. I don’t know how to escape this conversation so I’m just going to go to the bathroom…

…It worked.

3. The household scene

– I like cakes.

– Are you taking me to a nice restaurant to drop this bomb? you bastard.

– You’re making a scene.

4. Funny seduction

– I love your lips.

– I love your eyes.

– I love the spiders on your face.

– Are there spiders on my face?

“It’s okay, just accept the compliment, move on.

5. This kind of goofy person

– You have very beautiful eyes.

– Beautiful what?

– Eyes.

– You mean… my eggs?… She looks weird, you can hear it in her voice.

6. Find hot dogs in your area

– Could I have some ketchup for my hot dog? Here, take this, you hot dog.

– I want more.

– You always want more.

– The farm.

7. The Manhunt

Two months ago, a strange couple paid me $10,000 to eat a large amount of chewing gum. What I didn’t know was that their plan was to kick me out at their gender reveal party to reveal the blue or pink color of the gum in my stomach. I now live in the woods and in constant fear that they will find me.

8. Children and their delusions

– This house is a prison.

– No, it’s not a prison. You have to stop all this.

9. “No worries”

– It’s not very serious… But it’s a bit serious all the same.

11. Like a bottle in the sea

– Bring me back from the PQ.

– Now we just have to wait.

12. Cinderella

– What am I wearing for underwear?

– They are made with rat hair.

13. When you really never eat apples

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