Top 13 of the best tweets on the Presidential 2022, episode 5

Hi everyone, this is the 5th episode of tweets on the Presidential 2022! (I added an exclamation mark to cause some excitement because this campaign is downright boring). Between Pécresse who goes on blunder after blunder, Macron who no longer even pretends and Mélenchon who plays his cards on the table, we still hope for a small turnaround and the tweeters are taking advantage of it.

1. The math is right

2. And even a raw steak

3. Poor Valoche, it’s dead for you

4. Business is business

5. “MoOi? ME??? What did I do???”

7. We accept

9. Of course

10. The people want to know

11. Frankly, it seems fair play

12. It seems he made a joke about Yvonne

13. The level of clash is beyond comprehension

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