Top 13 Famous Actors In Their First Movie VS Their Last Movie (And A Career Later)

When you’re lucky enough to have a crazy career as an actor with a bunch of films to your credit, not only is it cool because it means you’re a star and you’ll make history forever, but it’s super practical because it gives me the opportunity to make this top.

1. Marylin Monroe

Hard to recognize the interplanetary star in his very first film Dangerous Years (1947), he will however be remembered more The Misfitshis last film (1961) a cult work by Arthur Miller and undoubtedly one of his finest roles.

Marilyn monroe in dangerous years 1947
Marylin misfits

2. Philip Seymour Hoffman

Hey shit it always hurts the foundation to think back to this genius actor who left us much too soon. However, we remember his very first appearance in Triple Bogey on a Par Five Hole (1991) and his last in 2015 in Hunger Games: Mockingjay, part 2.

Hunger games

3. Robin William

We had probably all forgotten the first appearance of Robin in Popeye in 1980 but we will never forget his role in Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Pharaohs released posthumously in 2015 which causes me a last little tear.

Robin william 1980

4. Jean-Pierre Bacri

Great gods, what a terrible loss we are still suffering… Cinema without Bacri is a bit like pasta without olive oil. Still, his first appearance in one of Commissioner Maigret’s investigations (1978) moves me as if it were my son. Latest film in 2018 with Family photo

Leblouissement 1978
Photo de famille c

5. Carrie Fisher

So guys, if you’ve never seen Shampoo by Hal Ashby (1975) I advise you to correct the shot as soon as possible. On the one hand, because you’ll find a Carrie Fisher in her very first role, but also because it’s funny and ultra-original and Warren Beaty plays an excellent role as a seductive hairdresser and it makes you want to be refresh the mullet (in every sense of the word). Last physical appearance (read: not in CGI) in Star Wars Episode IX obviously.

Star wars

6. Marlon Brando

So look at this little piece of man in They were men in 1950. What a BG. And yet it does not lose its splendor in The Score (2001).

Marlon brando the men
The score marlon brando

7. Jean Rochefort

In 1958 we see him appear for the first time in a role of waiter in A bullet in the barrel where it is difficult to recognize. I am breaking the top by sharing with you not his last film, but his last television role in the Arte series The Boloss of Belles Lettres where he particularly excelled.

Une balle dans le canon 7 jean rochefort as lc3a9opold copy copy

8. Audrey Hepburn

First role in Dutch in seven lessons (1948) look at this little piece of woman who shines wonderfully as an air hostess in this documentary about the Netherlands (to which the sweet Audrey is quite close since she spent her youth and spoke fluent Dutch, I remind you). We leave her in her last film: the Spielberg Alwaysshot in 89.

Hepburn dutch in seven lessons
Audrey hepburn in her last movie always in 1989 3

9. Anemone

So I’m going to teach you a good one: imagine that Anemone, whose real name is Anne Bourguignon, takes her pseudonym from her first film of the same name, directed by Philippe Garrel in 1968 when her character bore the same name as her in real life. It gives you a corner, doesn’t it? We find it in 2018 in The currency of their coina year before she left us.

Anemone philippe garrel
La monnaie de leur piece 2018

10. Jean-Paul Belmondo

This good old Bébel, what a good face all the same in Sunday friends (1957), and the guy is still as charismatic in his last film A man and his dog (which goes back all the same to 2008 when Jean-Paul only passed the weapon on the left in 2021).

Les copains du dimanche

11. Lauren Bacall

Check me out, you’re bombing The Harbor of Anguish (1944) when she arrives in front of Humphrey Bogart, 25 years her senior, to ask him for matches. With her gaze from below and her masculine air, she dismantles all the codes of femininity in the movies. We close the loop with his latest film The Forger (2012) two years before leaving us.

Lauren bacall
The forger bacall

12. Louis de Funes

We all know the face of the monument of French humor, but we know less about his young face as we can see in The Temptation of Barbizon in 1946. Last film to date, better known for being culto-petomaniac: Cabbage soup (1981)

Louis de funes
Louis de funes la soupe aux choux

13. Alan Rickman

Incredible but true: the first role of this man in the movies was in Crystal trap in 1988. And if he was best known for his interpretation of Snape in the Harry Potter saga, I think we must above all pay tribute to him for his role as the caterpillar in Alice through the looking glass in 2016.

Piege de cristal sur m6 pourquoi le realisateur a coupe toutes les scenes d action avec alan rickman 1
Alan rickman

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