Top 12 worst wedding themes, worst of the worst

Ok, the wedding is a particularly intimate thing, where the bride and groom clearly have the right to do what they want in terms of decoration, theme, etc. Unfortunately, good taste has its limits that handsome brides and grooms ignore. Oupsie. Here are some ideas for themes NOT to reproduce. Out of respect for your union, please.

1. The “Amazon” wedding

Yes, unfortunately we are talking about the big e-commerce company… There you go. There are really people who choose to celebrate the most beautiful day of their life under the sweet theme of e-commerce. Too moving.

2. The “Shrek and Fiona” Wedding

Yes, the films are great, the refs incredible and the soundtrack particularly stylish, but still… Who really wants to get married in a filthy ogre? And above all… WHY?

3. The Minions Wedding

The same. I can understand that we find them cute, but still… Buy a life-size plush toy at the limit, but don’t make it the theme of your wedding!! Imagine that the next film sucks and that it completely ruins… Ah? It’s already the case ? Sorry.

4. Basically, all movie or anime series themed weddings

Yes, in fact, we just have to stop that. Stop. Never again.

5. Le mariage Koh-lanta

Afterwards, it’s clear that it allows you to save a lot of money!

6. The wedding of OM supporters

We have to talk once and for all about the “white and turquoise blue” association. With all due respect, that’s not possible. We must stop at all costs. It’s horrible.

7. The Zombie Wedding

Okay, no. There, even with all the efforts in the world, I find it difficult to understand. It’s not going to make you look good in the photos, this little make-up there!

8. The “Predator” Wedding

It’s going too far. Anxiety attacks, tears and nightmares guaranteed on the guests’ side.

9. The Underwater Wedding

Not very practical for exchanging vows and wedding rings.

10. The wedding of “clowns”

Hell on earth. They look happy, too. Especially the little girl on the left.

11. The 2000s Hip Hop Wedding

Little wedding à la ienb, little cap, little swag. Aiiiight.

12. The Twilight Wedding

Ah well, you really have to be bitten by each other… (Do you have it?)

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