Top 12 Worst Movie Character Motivations, Silly Pretexts

They say that to make a good film character, you have to find good motivations for them, which is not always true since at times, we see rather cool characters passing by who nevertheless have stupid motivations. Not to mention the cliches “he / she wants to save his daughter”, “he / she must protect the president”, some screenwriters really did not go to great lengths to find a pretext for the main quest of their film and we will show you some examples. which make us wonder: the character really did all this for this?

1. Maleficent places a curse on “Sleeping Beauty” for not being invited to a party.

In truth, if we sum up all this mess a bit, Maleficent throws a curse on the baby who condemns her to die on her 16th birthday only because she was not invited to her baptism. And there fortunately there are three other aunts who manage to ward off the spell by transforming the curse into prolonged sleep but if we take the basis of the whole thing it’s really only because she was removed from the group Whatsapp of organization of the taste that she twisted severe.

2. Jean Baptiste Grenouille (Perfume) becomes a serial killer of women to make… a perfume

You can find all the excuses you want to defend the character by telling me about his difficult childhood and his loveless life, but in reality it’s just the story of a guy who starts killing totally innocent women. for the sole purpose of sampling their “smell” in order to create the “perfect perfume” extracted from its victims. We don’t necessarily explain the motivations of real serial killers, but becoming a monster, going to such lengths to find techniques for distilling scents and risking getting caught by the police just to make a vial of perfume, it’s going to a lot of trouble for not much.

3. Cruella D’enfer just wants a coat

In 101 Dalmatians, the character of Cruella D’enfer goes through a super complicated process to get her hands on the 101 puppies during which she will have her mouth smashed several times only to make herself a coat. We’re talking about a millionaire at the head of a fashion empire who can basically buy anything she wants and she’s obsessed with the sole purpose of killing these innocent dogs to get a new piece of clothing that she could find on Vinted. His motives are so broken that the film Cruella was obliged to add an additional motivation to explain all this mess: his mother was killed by dalmatians (I’m not kidding).

4. The “American Nightmare 3” villain just wants a candy bar.

It’s very serious, the motivation of the villain of the film is that she came into a guy’s store trying to steal a candy bar, that the guy fried her and forced her to to rest and that she waited for the purge to have the right to break into the store, kill the merchant’s entire family and steal the candy bar by making a super stupid monologue to explain that she loves sweets . Well, that’s how you make a bad guy.

5. Aldrich Killian develops a virus that kills a lot of people because Tony Stark stood him up in Iron Man 3

Warning, it’s very dumb. The main villain of Iron Man 3 is Aldrich Killian, a guy who meets Tony Stark at a party and offers him a partnership. Tony takes him up and tells him to wait for him on the roof of the building and that he will join him later, which Killian accepts quite happy. Except that Stark is not coming and that he obviously fucked his face nicely. So what’s going on? Killian has been planning his revenge for years, making a virus that kills a lot of people and trying to kill Tony Stark because he didn’t really appreciate being stood up for him.

6. Franz Oberhauser wants to kill James Bond in ‘Spectre’ because his father preferred him to him

Okay, we’re not going to lie to each other, the villains of James Bond are not the ones who have always had the best motivations, but Franz Oberhauser aka Blofeld is really not the most incredible of all. Basically, he resents Bond and created his whole big Specter organization mess because he couldn’t stomach that James (whom he grew up with) was his dad’s favorite. Without kidding, he really blames him for that when concretely it is not the fault of Bond, just that of his asshole father who behaved like a bastard.

7. In “Tomorrow never dies” Elliot Carver wants to create the 3rd world war to make ratings

The villain of the film is a newspaper magnate who has created a convoluted and super complicated plan in which they accuse China of starting World War III only to realize that it is a conspiracy, they file the Nobel Peace Prize to his accomplice while he can film and broadcast the whole affair in his press group with total exclusivity. So he wants to gain ratings and sell newspapers by starting World War III. Seriously, weren’t there any free screenwriters when they worked on the film?

8. Lex Luthor in Superman just wants to make money from real estate.

I’m no expert, but it seems to me that in everyday life lots of people manage to make money working in real estate: buying property, building buildings, renting, selling, promoting residences … Again I’m no expert, but it seems to me that to succeed in this business and make money these same people don’t need to build a super villain lair on an island and get their hands on a nuclear bomb to threaten the planet. So what does Lex Luthor prove to us other than that he’s really, really bad at being a real estate mogul? Not much.

9. Electro wants to kill Spiderman because he forgot his name.

The true motivation of Electro’s character in The Amazing Spiderman 2 is not super clear, because in the end we really don’t understand much, but looking at the thing… The only real moment when Spiderman could have annoyed the character… It’s when he forgot how He was called. So. You forget the name of a guy who works in your office and a few days later he arrives with boundless rage and a flawed plan to burn the town to ashes. Admit that if you had tried to find the worst motivation in the world for a character, you could not have done better.

10. The Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman wants his face on $1 bills

This point is a little more paradoxical because on the one hand the demand for the Joker is really nil (seeing his face printed on the 1 dollar bills is not crazy) but on the other hand well it’s the Joker. He is resolutely unpredictable and goes to the end of things if something makes him laugh and can allow him to piss off the world while having a good slice of it. That being said, if it’s just to have his mouth on the biffons that have the least value, you won’t take away from me the idea that it’s not a genius idea either and that he could have done better. .

11. The Rock’s villain just wants his team’s military pensions back

It’s always boring when you don’t get your pension, allowances or salary, but are people going to storm one of the world’s most important high security prisons like Alcatraz and threaten to blow up the city of San Francisco with a bomb if we don’t prove them right? No. Yet Francis Hummel, the villain of The Rock does this to collect money that he will pay to the families of his military team where all the members died and who did not receive their pension. It’s a rather laudable goal, but from there to killing thousands of innocent people and blowing up a city…

12. Bonus: John Wick kills 300 people because of his dead dog

If we briefly summarize the John Wick saga (quite cool by the way, don’t make me say what I didn’t say) we are still faced with a character who decides to take back the life he had sworn to leave behind. him to avenge his dead dog. And by revenge, we mean killing dozens and dozens of bodyguards who probably have families, credit for their car and have decided to get back into sport recently to regain the attraction of their loved one… In short, many of pain and millions of dollars in damage to avenge his pet.

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