Top 12 Worst Clients Seen By Tattoo Artists Who Deserve Ugly Tattoos

The tattoo is not just a matter of taste and design, especially when it comes to tattooing stars or phrases like “Sky is the limit”. Fortunately, some tattoo artists impose their limits by refusing to do tattoos, or simply by dismissing reluctant clients who have no respect for their work. And there’s no denying it, it’s quite satisfying.

1. “A stranger added me on Facebook and within a few hours asked if I could give her a free tattoo and pick her up because she didn’t have one.”

2. “I’ll let anyone tattoo me anything as long as it’s cheap or free”

– I’ll let anyone give me a lot of money if I don’t jerk one off

– What if an apprentice paid you to tattoo me?

– What fucking planet are you from? »

3. “You can’t put thanks in your bank account”

4. “What’s your minimum? $125 plus tax”

– What’s your hourly rate? $150 per hour.

– Can you give me a discount? No.

– If I give you my [insérer un appareil électronique/ un gadget / un jouet / un bijou], can you deduct that from the price? »

5. “Who wants tattoos that match like this? (you’re paying for mine too)”

6. “Store rules: If you’re pregnant/drunk/stoned/dirty/smelly/uninformed/or a badass, come back when you’re not. Non-negotiable.”

7. “Hello everyone, I’m looking for an artist to tattoo my neck for free. I don’t want to look mean but I’m going to put this design on my body for life and I can’t cover it up. So please tag your friends, I have such a great idea, I just can’t draw it alone.”

8. “My boss told me I had to stop tattooing you since you never tipped me. He said it cost me almost $3000 and he I had to stop tattooing you for free, as I have no support from you.”

“I gave you a tip, but ok lol. And I was just waiting for it to be over to give you a big tip, but every time you told me I had to come back, so whatever, I’m going to have it finished somewhere else. »

9. “If you can find cheaper, we’ll cover your tattoo with pleasure”

10. “You can practice on me, I don’t care”

– I’m asking $50 per tattoo, but I’m hot if you’re ok.

“If I follow your training, it must be free, you moron. I know tattoo artists who pay people to come, stupid.

– Yeah no, I’m not going to waste my money when I have people who are willing to pay for my time. If you want cheap stuff, you shouldn’t get a tattoo, period. »

11. “Draw my next tattoo, please”

– No worries, I’d love to. But just so you know, I’m asking for some money.

– Sorry ? Are you kidding me. You’re not good enough to do such a stupid thing. You’re not even famous. You are so pretentious. Your drawings suck, at best. But too bad, I don’t want someone pretentious to create the work of art that I would put on my body. »

12. “Hi, I’m a big fan of your drawings and I would like to know if you would like to help me draw the tattoo I would like to get. It’s just a small image in tribute to my cat who died recently “

– Hey, sorry, I just saw your message, my condolences for your cat. I would love to design your next tattoo, I’m asking $50-70 depending on demand. What were your ideas?

– It’s so pathetic that you ask people for money. »

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