Top 12 Weird Sleep Habits Of Rich People, Sleep Better To Earn More

Generally the rich don’t do things like us (if you are rich yourself, don’t take this beginning of the sentence into account and continue to behave like an eccentric who throws his banknotes in the air when he goes to the square ). They don’t eat like the others, don’t buy the same products, don’t call their children the same (Elon Musk’s son is still “X Æ A-12”)… In short, they have whims particular and it sometimes goes as far as their way of sleeping, which we suggest you see in detail mainly out of jealousy.

1. Marissa Mayer: the one who catches up during the holidays

Marissa Mayer was one of the first employees of Googlethen she was poached by the competition and became the CEO of Yahoo and she is also one of the biggest decision makers in the group Wallmart. But how does she do all this? She works close to 130 hours a week and sleeps less than four hours a night, and she takes a bit of vacation every quarter where she allows herself eight-hour nights of sleep. Yeah, you have to shit to succeed, obviously if you don’t care about your sofa until 2 p.m., don’t be surprised not to feel as much money as her.

2. Eminem: (really) no lights in the bedroom

Eminem covers his windows with aluminum foil to prevent any light from entering his room, especially when he travels on tour and changes time zones. But he also listens to white noises to fall asleep, those famous ambient recordings like the noise of the wind, of a river or of the construction of a service station on a highway in the south during the month of August.

3. Stephen King: the little rituals that do everything

There’s something scarier than the Stephen King books: sleeping with Stephen King. Not because he shamelessly farts all night after having an orgy of onion soup (even if it happens to him) but because he has little rituals. It starts with a heavy hand wash and then he has to sleep with the open end of the pillowcase facing the opposite end of the bed, which he religiously checks every time he goes to bed. He doesn’t explain himself why he does that but it doesn’t matter, he’s still a great Mr. Steph.

4. The Rock : you sport et you sport

Look at those muscles, imposing right? Well it’s because Dwayne Johnson does more sports a day than he spends time sleeping, don’t you care huh? He sleeps an average of four hours a night (between three and five to be exact) and gets up super early to have time to do two big sports sessions before the start of his workday. A sportsman who has become an actor who has managed his retraining very well.

5. Matt Mullenweg: naps, lots of naps

If Matt Mullenweg weighs 450 million dollars it is because he is the co-creator of WordPress, one of the most used tools on the web. How does he sleep? In a body bag inside a morgue. No, I’m kidding, he takes six naps of about forty minutes throughout the day and the rest of the time he works or has a good time at home since he is a fervent defender of telework. A good Matt guy, despite his strong taste for polenta.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo: micro-nights

To become strong, talented, handsome, muscular, smell good and have such a beautiful complexion, Cristiano Ronaldo sleeps between 7 and 8 hours a day. There like that you say to yourself that it is more or less normal, except that no, he sleeps in 90-minute sessions which are spread over the day. Particular, but no one can say that it does not work considering how fit he looks for his age (62 years old anyway).

7. Michael Phelps: Sleep at Altitude

Professional swimmer Michael Phelps goes a little beyond anything traditional when it comes to sleep. He sleeps in a room that is supplied with air as if it were located at more than 2400 meters above sea level. With less oxygen, the body makes more red blood cells, which promotes oxygenation of the muscles and can give him an advantage during his Olympic races. In my opinion, it would work much better if he had a shark fin transplant, but hey, if he wants to remain stupid and useless, that loser is up to him.

8. Salvador Dali: the key to sleep

Be careful, it’s special: Salvador Dali used to fall asleep sitting with a key in his hand that he held above a metal cup. When he entered his first phase of sleep his hand would drop the key which fell into the cup and woke him up. It seems quite counterproductive as a method to fall asleep, but it’s because he could paint what inspired his dreams and make lots of money with his paintings, like the best forgers in history. Especially since this method of sleep would have restorative virtues, look at this photo of Dali at 22, he looks in good shape.

9. Donald Trump : le strict minimum

How do you become a billionaire like Donald Trump? By inheriting the family fortune, that’s true. On the other hand he managed to become president and whatever you say he has plenty of money and weight in the business world. And it’s all because he sleeps only three hours a night and gets up at four in the morning before eating the world until the following evening. No nap, no rest, the bare minimum of restorative sleep.

10. Tom Cruise: The Palace of Silence

In life, everything is successful for Tom Cruise, he does his own stunts, is high on money and wears well-tailored leather jackets. But all this he certainly owes to his particular sleeping technique: he sleeps in a “snoratorium”, a room completely isolated from sound, so isolated that when you bump into the bedside table you do not even hear your own cry. . I also advise you to go see the best movies without Tom Cruise, they are very good.

11. Rashad Jennings: hyper oxygenation

American footballer Rashad Jennings sleeps in a fully ventilated room that delivers pure pressurized oxygen. According to him it helps him to recover from his injuries quickly, rests his mind and would have helped him to understand the series “The OA”, which is very complicated to capture. Like what breathing well is important, and it is now a luxury that the rich can afford.

12. Nikola Tesla / Leonard Da Vinci: the Uberman method

What do these two men have in common with Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill or even Napoleon? The Uberman Sleep Method. Basically, this consists of completely stopping the eight-hour nights and replacing them with 20-minute naps every four hours, which gives almost two hours of sleep per day spread over the entire day. Do you want to be a genius who will go down in posterity? Stop sleeping 8 hours a day, you lazybones and start looking at the other things you don’t know about Nikola Tesla.

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