Top 12 Waze tips we should all know to be GPS pros

There are plenty of reasons to prefer your car to your kid, and in particular the fact that you can scream a Celine Dion song in it (which would be very, very weird if we were talking about a child). Taking a car trip is also an opportunity to launch one of our favorite apps, I named the Waze GPS. A co-pilot who is only equaled by your mother in accompanied driving. Here are the tips for taking advantage of this app created for the highest intelligence quotients.

1. Inform the type of vehicle well

Whether you are a Fiat Multiplia, a taxi or a 50cc scooter, the journey will be very different. Waze allows you to modify your type of vehicle to have a journey time adapted to what you are driving. Because we all know that bikers take ten minutes less to make each trip since they avoid all the traffic jams (at the risk of their lives, but still).

2. Choose the information to display on your map

Using Waze with all the information visible means taking the risk of missing its output because the map can easily be cluttered. To avoid making unnecessary detours, choose in your settings the information you really want to display (speed cameras, traffic jams, accidents, police, distance between you and the next bistro, etc.).

3. Check the ideal time to leave

Waze has this magic feature that helps plan a trip. Thanks to this, the ideal departure time will update according to the traffic forecast. No more reason to be late for your next family meal, if it’s not wonderful.

4. Set up a speeding warning

Stop thinking you’re more gansta than you are and start driving at the right speed limits (if you don’t do it for me, do it for the planet, for your license and for your wallet). If you’re the type who often has your feet on the pedals and you don’t notice it anymore, activate the warning for exceeding the speed limit: Waze will tell you when you are going too fast and will prevent you from getting to know the speed limit. French police (you’re welcome).

5. Use a buddy’s voice for instructions

Who said a car ride couldn’t be driven by love? To keep the fun going during those driving moments, replace Vanessa’s voice with personalized recordings of instructions. Yes, yes, it’s really funny to hear our friend telling us to take the first right, I promise you.

6. Use the Ch’ti or southern accent

Because it’s very nice to have the voices of your friends at each motorway exit, but their zero imitation of the Toulouse accent hurts your ears a little, let it be said. Since May 2022, Waze has therefore launched the “regional accents and expressions” feature which makes it possible to feel on a trip wherever you go. Boudu, what an invention!

7. Use the built-in music player

To avoid having to do 36,000 manipulations on your screen to choose your favorite music (to listen to with the roof open) and then return to the GPS, link your music streaming account to Waze from the start. This way you can easily launch the medieval remix of Désenchantée without risking ending up in a ditch, which is too easy.

8. Change your car icon

Waze allows you to customize your car on the map. Listen, we have the right to want to be bg even in the representation of our Clio on the app. Stop judging.

9. Inform his friends of his arrival

As you are a responsible person, you are obviously not going to write a message to your friends to tell them that you are there in 5 min. The trick is therefore to share your journey with your friends before you leave so that they can follow our progress in real time. Good after, do not share this with your employer or your ex, we are not very sure of the consequences.

10. Return your Crit’Air sticker and your motorway badge

Entering this information allows Waze to calculate the reserved lanes it can take you to and the places where you can drive. So you save a lot of time and as they say, time is like the wind or something like that.

11. Set a reminder not to forget your kids

Who has never forgotten their kid in the back of the car when they go shopping? To combat this slight daily oversight, Waze has set up a personalized reminder system that allows you to notify important things before leaving your car or leaving it. Children, among others, but also the keys on the ignition, the windows to be rolled up or the corpses. Smart!

12. Find a soul mate via card messages

The advantage of being able to interact with other Waze users is that you have a 1 in 3,746 chance of finding someone single. Afterwards, for the rest, it’s up to you to manage but listen, if you’re tired of dating apps, you know what to do

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