Top 12 Ways to Pose in Photos and What They Mean About You

“The photo is the reflection of the soul of Kev Adams” said Confucius. Between the travel photos that we have seen too many on Insta and the stylish youth photos of our grandparents are the photos of poses that we all do. And since your gestures say more about you than you think, we decipher in this ethno-sociological top what your best photo pose means about your ability to forgive others.

1. By making the V with your fingers

You’re under 35 and you can’t help doing this pose every time your picture is taken. It’s a reflex, as much as breathing. You like to adopt this posture to make people believe that you are a cool person even if deep down, you have little confidence in yourself. Now, if you could stop doing that in funeral photos, that would be really cool, thank you.

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Chillax au maaaax (if with that I don’t find any friends, I don’t understand)

2. Raising one leg and one arm in the air

You are a total one life person and you want to show it. Your left leg bent like a flamingo and your hand aiming for the moon are your own carpe diem, your way of expressing your love for life. Whether it’s in a club, in Ibiza or by the municipal swimming pool in Dijon, you know how to show people that you’re enjoying your daily life with full canines.

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How I live life too fast hihi

3. With one leg forward and one hand on the hip

You are an influencer who knows the tips for photogenic poses. You clearly took 3,456 photos before posting this one after an hour of editing and you’re going to slip a little promo code on organic sunscreens into your description. You want to pretend that your life is clearly better than that of others when in reality, you only got sunburned on your toes and lost your right flip-flop trying to do a pike jump in the pool.

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Burst mode Anthony, burst mode!

4. Giving the Jul sign

You are a business school student. You’ve puked in about every toilet you’ve ever come across and you know the words of the Connemara Lakes than the first names of your parents. You always have a Get 27 flash on you and you know the exact cooking times for all the pasta in the supermarket. You’re a little annoying, to be polite.



5. Sticking out your tongue

You’re that awkward person that people don’t know how to deal with. You hug your table neighbors crying at weddings and yell “NATURED!! every thirty seconds in the evening. You also sometimes laugh out loud at jokes you haven’t heard because your co-workers were talking to each other, just so they know you’re there. We know you’re trying to fit in, thanks for your effort, but calm down hard.

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So the gonz, what does it say around here?

6. With your hands under your face

You are a queblo child in an adult body. When people meet you, they want to give you Playmobils. You know very well how to play your little face too mims to get what you want. You’re not the furthest gliding penguin, but your innocence makes up for it. You hope to have a Paw Patrol backpack for Christmas.

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Love me with love, I’m all cuteness and kindness

7. With a resting bitch face in a squat position

You want to show yourself as a person completely outside of society, which is completely wrong. In reality, you just want to make your ex angry by showing him that you don’t give a fuck anymore and that you are wanted by thousands of people all over the world. You hope your friends will comment “OMG” and “It’s hot in here” under your post. You got the photo inspiration on Tiktok and now you’re hesitating to pay for a real professional photo shoot on the theme “Greek gods and goddesses at the beach” to go after your revenge. That’s a very bad idea.

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Death to capitalism (and to Pierrick who cheated on me, that dirty dog)

8. By making hearts with your fingers

You are a member of Gen Z (or you are a big fan of K-Pop). You think people who make a heart with both hands are too pitiful and you think Harry Styles has a chance of being elected Prime Minister of England. You spend as much time on TikTok as you have hours of sleep and your vocabulary is limited to “Is it to kill me?? » and « Aesthetic ». You have the judgment a little easy for someone who has not experienced the 98 World Cup I think!

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and weeesh pass

9. Smiling

You are a person who exists. You are the. So. It’s cool. Thanks. Good bah, see you later!

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10. Touching your hair, eyes towards the horizon

You’re someone super tchimid who doesn’t dare to show off too much in the photos. But at the same time, you’re tired of always going behind your friends, you too want to get caught. So you try the posing tips for “non-photogenic” people you’ve seen on social media. Knowing full well that 10 minutes after posting this photo (and after asking 50 of your friends which of your series they liked best), you will delete it, because you noticed that you had a little sweat on your left armpit .

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Really, are you sure you can’t see my pimple between my fingers?

11. Doing a duck face

You got stuck in 2009. You continue to feed your Skyblog and consider The Sims 2 to be the best game that ever existed. You rewatch Les Frères Scott continuously and you plan to call your children Alizée and Lorie. Your friends can’t take it anymore to hear you say “Talk to my hand” and “Kikoo”. It will really have to stop after a while.

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I love tecktonik xD, and you??

12. With a goofy pose

Jumping, screaming, dancing, these are your posing techniques to take your best photos. You have no limits, you are completely crazy and you absolutely want people to know how FUNNY you are! Wouldn’t you be a bit of a Leo by any chance?

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Completely loco loco, look at me friends, I’m too much of a phew lol

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