Top 12 Unanswered MCU Questions This Story Doesn’t Make Sense

You can’t make more than thirty films and try to create a huge universe (which moreover becomes a multiverse) without forgetting a few details and doing two or three bullshit. Without just talking about real mistakes or things that don’t hold up, we’re going to dwell on a few questions that have remained unanswered in the MCU films, those on which we still don’t have answers or that have been swept under the carpet. by the creators and it’s a bit annoying.

1. Why Nick Fury didn’t call Captain Marvel to smash Loki

In the very first Avengers, Loki manages to bring an alien army (the chitauris) to Earth to blow everything up. Except that we understand in the following films that Fury has a beeper that allows him to contact Captain Marvel for emergencies, especially those concerning alien invasions. You will tell me that the character of Carol Denver had not yet appeared in the MCU, except that the film about the heroine in question and her encounter with Fury takes place long before the events of the first Avengers and in theory it was therefore able to warn her to fix everything in five minutes and go eat tacos, which is a bit inconsistent.

2. Why there was a fake Infinity Gauntlet in Asgard

Odin is not one to surround himself with useless crap, so why do we see a fake infinity gauntlet (an object that is of paramount importance in the sequel) displayed in the halls of the palace just before its destruction? If it’s true, it makes no sense and if it’s a fake, we still say to ourselves that having the knowledge of absolutely everything, Odin could not have been fooled by a second-hand dealer, suddenly c is a bit of a jerk.

3. Why did Tony Stark forgive Bucky Barnes?

In Captain America : Civil War, Tony Stark (Iron Man) learns that Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) killed his parents, which is not too much. Suddenly it goes into severe testicles and everyone gets pissed off until the end of the film where the Avengers separate. But we never hear about this story again and the two characters fight together again without anyone knowing more about their quarrel when they have more or less just destroyed the equivalent of a city in the world. before movie.

4. Why does Captain America hide a super important USB drive in a vending machine?

In Captain America : Winter Soldier, Nick Fury dies because he wanted to give Captain America a thumb drive with some super important information in it (at least he’s thought to die at this point in the story). Except that later, the Captain hides it in a food vending machine as if it were the safest place in the world without thinking that if someone were to buy a Twix he could recover the famous key. and do with it what he wanted.

5. Why didn’t anyone ask Dr. Erskine to save his work?

You may not remember Dr. Erskine, he’s the guy who created the famous serum that turns people into super soldiers like Captain America. Except that even if his invention is totally supervised by the army and the American government, nobody takes notes of the famous recipe to recreate a new super soldier. And even if we wanted to let us understand that he had deleted all his research, no one is able in 2022 to recreate the serum when he had made it in the 1940s?

6. Why is the Falcon Flying Armor the last to be made?

We understand that the colleague of the falcon killed himself with the same armor with wings and that we decided to stop making them after this accident. But obviously the armor is quite functional since Sam Wilson uses it in all his missions, so why is it the last to be made? What does it cost to make more and train new soldiers to use it? Aside from a lot of cash, okay, but the government never lacks cash in Marvel movies. Obviously there would be plenty of other falcons, and they are not the best Marvel characters.

7. Why did Thanos literally spin Loki an Infinity Stone?

When you see what Thanos is willing to do to get all the Infinity Stones, it seems almost goofy knowing that he spun the scepter with the Mind Stone to Loki in the first Avengers movie. On the one hand, he doesn’t really know the man, except that he’s probably a god who personifies treachery, and that goes against his plan, given how difficult it is to get her back afterwards. Wouldn’t he be a bit of a jerk Thanos?

8. Why don’t we use Pym particles to solve stuff like world hunger?

Pym particles can enlarge or shrink anything one wants, so theoretically one could put some on a gold nugget and make it a giant gold nugget, or make huge material/food savings. So why don’t we do it? Are there still plenty of people who are starving and no one is helping them when we have here an infinite means of multiplying the size of matter? Ant-Man was really not phew if we judge the Marvel films in an honest version.

9. Where did the vibranium in Captain America’s first shield come from?

In the first Captain America film, which takes place during World War II, Tony Stark’s father makes the famous captain his first vibranium shield. Except that we learn later that the vibranium comes from Wakanda, a country which at the time lived completely hidden and whose precious metal is kept by the kings who are not really very hot to spin it to the first comer. Difficult to understand where this first sample came from, but above all we learn that Stark put all the vibranium he had in reserve to create the shield which he himself defines as a prototype, not necessarily super intelligent on his part .

10. How did the Hulk end up on Sakaar?

At the end of Avengers 2, Bruce Banner pulls himself out of Sokovia aboard the Quinjet, a nice kind of advanced plane that doesn’t go into space at all. So how did he end up on the super distant planet of Sakaar? No one is trying to explain the logic behind all of this to make us understand if he was abducted or helped to do something as original as leaving planet Earth.

11. Who lives in fake Wakanda?

In the movie Black Panther we understand through Ulysses Klaue that the Wakanda that the world population knows is actually a fake country, and that the real one is very well hidden and kept secret. Ok, great, but are there really people who live in this fake Wakanda? Are they not told for a second that they are actually in a fake country where they have no resources while right next door the real Wakanda is stuffed with gold coins and technological marvels?

12. How Steve Rogers brought the shield back to Falcon?

When asked about the ending of Avengers Endgame, director Joe Russo kicked a little on the sidelines. He was asked where Steve Rogers was when he decided to go back in time to live his life with Peggy, to which the director replied that he basically created a new branch of reality that wasn’t the one in which the story of the movies unfolds. OK. But how did he come back to this reality to bring back the shield? The director simply replied “yeah there’s probably a story to write about it”, implying that he did not know himself.

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