Top 12 Titanic Actors Before VS Now Keeps The Chilling

What ? What am I learning? Titanic is still on TV and I’m still going to watch it because this movie is still so good after 25 years? Alright, I’m signing straight away. And while waiting for the film to begin, we will see if these 25 years have had an impact on the physique of the actors. A little spoiler all the same: yes, 25 years more, it still changes someone.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack Dawson)

Well, let’s be honest, Leo took a bit of a shovel, but that’s normal. Plus, that doesn’t stop him from continuing to date 25-year-old chicks, thanks to a subtle blend of charisma, money, and power.

Leo dicaprio

2. Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt Bukater)

She may be over her 20s, but if she asks me to go on a romantic cruise on the Atlantic, I immediately accept.

Kate winslet

3. Billy Zane (Caledon Hockley)

In the end, wasn’t he the one who was right from the start? Isn’t that the most important money in life? Caledon is the true hero of TitanicIt is said.


4. Frances Fisher (Ruth Dewitt Bukater)

Rose’s mother had understood everything since she wanted to mark her daughter with a rich man and moreover very sympathetic. But now, children often disappoint us, and Rose preferred to fool around with a thug. Pfff…


5. Kathy Bates (Molly Brown)

After all these years, I still want to play mini-golf with this great lady.

Kathy bates

6. Bill Paxton (Brock Lovett)

Why did Bill turn into a wax figure? The mystery still hangs.

Bill paxton

7. David Warner (Spicer Lovejoy)

David died in 2022 (rest his soul) so here is one of the last TV appearances of the man who played Spicer Lovejoy, Caledon Hockley’s friendly and affable valet.

David warner

8. Eric Braeden (John Jacob Astor)

Titanic’s richest man still exudes wealth and class. I would like to look like him. Especially for the wealth side.

Eric braeden

9. Bernard Hill (Captain Edward James Smith)

A real captain sinks with his boat. Finally, a real captain doesn’t already sink his boat, but we’re not going to hit Bernard because he’s pretty cool in the film. Rather flows, even. Oh by the way if you want to see what the real Edward James looked like, go check out the photos of the real passengers of the Titanic.

Bernard hill

10. Lewis Abernathy (Lewis Bodine)

In the film, Lewis was part of the team that explored the seabed to find the “Heart of the Ocean”, the jewel that Rose had around her neck on the Titanic. A brave guy. Too hairy, but brave nonetheless.

Lewis abernathy

11. Danny Nucci (Fabrizio De Rossi)

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that Fabrizio BG. Besides, isn’t it shocking to you that Jack totally abandoned him once on the liner when they were friends? Personally, it has worked for me since I was 5 years old.

Danny nucci

12. Victor Garber (Thomas Andrews)

Victor Garber played the architect of the Titanic, the guy who said “don’t go too fast huh” and no one listened. Well if you want to find him in another very good film, go see Sicario by Denis Villeneuve, one of the best films of 2015. You won’t be disappointed.

Victor garber

You have been wise and attentive so here is a new top gift in connection: the treasures of the Titanic.

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