Top 12 things we thought were CGI, but weren’t

If now we are used to seeing digital special effects everywhere, some scenes seem so implausible to us that we immediately think that it was done by computer. And yet, sometimes it’s just good old “real” tricks, which makes the performance even more incredible. We suggest you see some examples right away and you might be surprised because you don’t pay attention when you watch a movie.

1. “Harry Potter 3”: the scene of the inflating aunt

Remember that scene where the super bubbly aunt finds herself puffing up and flying through the air after pissing off little Harry? Well this special effect was achieved with a costume of rubber pockets that could inflate, then the actress was pulled by cables to be elevated. Even her face had an inflatable pouch to give the impression of that face getting bigger. Well done, right?

2. “Mad Max: Fury Road” and the harpoon scene

You’d think we had a green screen and digital special effects in this big chase scene in the desert, but the film uses very few such effects. For this scene in particular, the harpoon attackers were really on bullshit poles that were moving all over the place. These circus people are strong.

3. “Tenet”: the plane scene

If we can blame a lot of things on Tenet (everyone has their own opinion, I don’t judge) we can’t blame him for his action scenes, which are as incomprehensible as they are eventful. That of the plane which crashes in the airport by bursting a significant number of cars in the passage is completely authentic. And completely too much.

4. “Spiderman”: the set scene

If there are a lot of scenes in Spiderman made in digital there is ONE for which the director wanted it to be made without special effects and it is the one where Peter Parker catches up with MJ’s set and all his food. It took no less than 156 takes for Tobey Maguire to get there and the shot was sped up but it really happened.

5. “Jurassic Park” : the dinosaurs

Yes because the very first Jurassic Park hadn’t used damn digital special effects at all, but rather animatronics, super-nice robotic creatures that don’t age too much in the picture. The proof, watch the first then the second film in stride, you will see that the first is the one that has best resisted time.

6. The Suicide Squad: Polka-Dot Man and his inflatable costume

The strange character Polka-Dot Man has some kind of power that makes the dots of color on his skin swell until they explode, rotten power, but that’s beside the point. When we watch the film, we quite naturally say to ourselves that her entire costume is done in post-production with great big digital special effects, but no, it’s an inflatable prosthesis with little lights.

7. The Rings of Power: the credits even more beautiful when you know it’s true

It’s, at the time of writing, the only thing we’ve seen in the series, so it’s hard to judge the finished product, but it’s beautiful. When you watch the making of video and you realize that everything is true and filmed in the studio, the credits become really magnificent, it’s not just something created in computer graphics but a real work on this forge filmed in slow motion with beautiful shots of flames, molten metal, smoke and wood.

8. Suicide Squad: Killer Croc, makeup from hell

This make-up could enter the list of the longest make-up to achieve since it took more than five hours every day to achieve it. But it gives something very realistic that we really thought was done by computer, it’s a pity that the film really sucks (especially compared to the second Suicide Squad) because no one talks about it.

9. Shang-Chi: the fight with the knives

In this fight scene from the Marvel movie Shang-Chi, the two opponents spin good shots in the face while catching knives in midair twice during an eventful choreography. The thing is that these famous flights of knives are very real and that they required nearly 175 takes when one could directly think that it was just done in computer generated images. It’s all done well, but it’s not at the level of the fights in The Raid.

10. Inception: the rooms that spin in all directions

If you’ve seen the movie you probably remember that scene in the hotel where the characters are running through the hallways that keep turning around. All this was filmed in a set that rotated 360° where it’s as easy to vomit as to twist an ankle and that’s what gives this super realistic side to the scene.

11. Legion: the kitchen scene in the first episode

The pilot of the series Legion is one of the revolutionary series episodes so incredible. In one of the scenes, the main character finds himself in a kitchen where all the objects start whirling around and exploding in all directions. This scene was filmed entirely without the character and we added him on the computer, but everything else is completely real, and it’s great.

12. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Squirrel Scene

In this scene we see dozens of squirrels cracking nuts and sorting the shell and the fruit before throwing themselves on an unbearable kid and sending her into a hole. Said like that, it doesn’t sound like a children’s movie, but that’s not the point, the real important information is that there were real squirrels trained for weeks to open nuts and sort them, but also to jump on people and that’s beautiful.

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