Top 12 things to remember from Koh Lanta the cursed totem, episode 14

Hello Totemixes! Well here we are, still not recovered from last week’s half-episode, and we all know what awaits us today: another half-episode (well yeah, logical.) Let’s hope it’s worth it shot anyway. As a reminder, last Tuesday we lost Fouzi, not phew in a pile of bouboules, and the JC/Olga duo was commissioned by Denis to fetch a mysterious chest… Ok, there’s nothing mysterious about it; barring a big surprise, the chest will contain mail and food, like every season. Come on, let’s watch all this anyway, with a bit of luck we will still have some nice surprises.


The famous chest found by JC and Olga was therefore filled with mail and food. We didn’t suspect it AT ALL.

Well, come on, there was still a little surprise: the chest also contained two strategic advantages. Quality strategic advantages, since it was a clue to the location of an immunity collar, and an extra voice for the next advice. Obviously, Olga and JC took them, then they took a lot of food and a single letter, that of Olga. The guys were pleased, and they were right. After all, the others had sent them to the playoffs, so might as well take advantage of them.


2. Fouzi is a good player

Maxime and Louana are very angry with François who took them out, but Fouzi (who was not helped too much by François) remains more measured. He understood that it was strategy and that François had just played his game well. Damn, we love clashes, it’s also nice from time to time to see candidates who have understood that Koh-Lanta is was a game of strategies and betrayals. Thank you Fouzi, you weren’t crazy about the game, but you were a good loser.


3. Bastien has fun

In Koh-Lanta, we saw guys making ugly hats, making tables and even fake necklaces, but this was a big first: Bastien tinkered with a pan flute. He must beeeeeen pissed off.


4. JC sends severe gusts

Back on the camp with Olga, JC released small pressure strokes in passive-aggressive mode. He got us a “I’m still here even if Amber wanted to fire me”, and Amber immediately got over it. It was magical. It is for these moments that we watch Koh-Lanta: to see someone who was too confident losing it in two minutes. Live life.


“I hid behind this branch because I’m afraid that JC will find me and get high”

5. JC settled accounts with Amber

He explained to her that she should have sent Nico on the elimination round or else bravely assume that she wanted to protect Nico rather than him. It was clear, clean and precise, bravo JC. But, instead of having the reaction of an adult who assumes his strategy, Ambre totally broke down and dropped a: “I’m not going to prostitute myself to make you believe otherwise”

Sorry Amber????? The chick took the concepts of half measure and respect and just shit on them. It’s hot. Fortunately, our JC did not allow himself to be bullied. This is our champion!!!

Kk5 1

6. It promises for the orientation test with Olga and JC

Summary of Olga in search of the immunity necklace: can’t find the West, loses her canteen, can’t find the necklace, finds her canteen, returns to the camp. It’s going to be funny if she participates in the orientation test, she’s going to get lost in 5 minutes and we’re going to find her 12 days later lost in the forest.

Eventually, JC took over, and after stomping on the necklace for 2 hours in front of a cameraman filming his feet, he finally found it. Well, this case was complicated.


7. Oh the idiots

After Hadja who had cooked all the rice at once, this time the adventurers have forgotten the rice in the water all night and find themselves eating something gross when they wake up. Frankly, survival is not given to everyone.


8. And it’s the balance course test

One of the mythical tests of Koh-Lanta (no need to explain the rules Denis, we coco). We obviously expect a lot from Olga, who is a monster in balance. On the other hand, we expect absolutely nothing from JC despite his: “I’m out of 2 hours of preparation for balance, I’m ready”. We love you JC but we don’t believe it for a single second. Well, by the way, you were eliminated in the first stage.

It’s Olga and Bastien who find themselves in the final of the event, and Olga wins with a good head start. She will be able to leave the immunity collar to JC, and that makes us really like it. On the other hand, it smells of seum on the faces of the ex-greens.


A little tense these faces, no?

9. JC tries to rally Geraldine

Here’s the story: Olga has immunity and 2 votes, Bastien has the immunity amulet, JC has an immunity necklace, Nico has two votes thanks to the black vote and the ex-greens + Bastien want to divide their votes between Gege and JC. Holy shit.

The only solution for Olga and JC to get out of it is therefore to rally someone to their cause, and it obviously has to be Gégé, since the greens use him badly by making him take all the risks to the board. JC thus went to speak to him, and Gégé agreed to make an alliance with Olga and him, without speaking about it to the greens. FINALLY someone who does not swing strategies to others. Thank you Gégé, we need more people like you on Koh-Lanta.


She doesn’t look like this team, and yet she makes us dream

10. Spin the 100,000 balls to JC please

The guy doesn’t care about the material, he just wants to live happily in nature. If we give him the wheat, he’ll do good things with it, that’s for sure. Come on please we change the rules and we make him win live.


11. Et JC took it out

We are talking about the necklace, huh.

And Amber’s reaction was worth all the gold in the world.


A face that does not breathe serenity


YES, our favorite team played well and blew up the traitor of the adventure (whose portrait, AS BY CHANCE, we saw during the episode). It’s the revenge of the discreet and we love it. Nico, François and Ambre still tried to make people believe that there was no alliance of ex-greens, but no one believed it, and Nico still had the enormous nerve to say that he was not a strategist. What audacity.

On the other hand, we are really disappointed by Bastien who preferred to let himself be bamboozled by Amber and follow the greens rather than teaming up with his ex-teammate Olga. Shame.


“I’m not a traitor, I just like sticking knives in backs, it has nothing to do”

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