Top 12 Siblings Who Shared A Role And We Didn’t Notice

Hollywood has many ways of tricking us, sometimes with deceptive special effects and sometimes with actors and their doubles, it’s normal, it’s the art of lying. But there’s one aspect that we didn’t see coming and that was just when studios used siblings to play the same character on screen, times when no one blundered but where we were still being lied to.

1. Penelope and Monica Cruz in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Fountain of Youth”

In several scenes of the film it is the little sister of the famous actress (who is also an actress) who took over the role for the simple reason that Penelope was pregnant. As a result, on certain fight sequences, we sent the sista to risk breaking her teeth instead of the other. Cruel but logical, for the good of the baby.

2. Rami Malek and his twin brother in “Buster’s Mal Heart”

You may not know it but Rami Malek has a twin brother named Sami. Sami Malek. Uninspired parents you would say, but not so much. In any case, his brother took over the character in a few scenes of the film. Buster’s Mal Heart. If you tell me that this film is well promised I watch it as soon as I have finished the integral of Less and Cortex and 4K.

3. Nicholas Brandon and his twin brother in “Buffy”

When the character of Xander arrived in season 3 of Buffy everyone thought that it was Nicholas Brandon, alias Xander who was playing the character. Well no, you’ve got it all wrong, it was his twin brother Kelly. You had to look at the names in the credits, it was clearly indicated.

4. Cole and Dylan Sprouse in “Big Daddy”

If you have seen the movie Big Daddy which dates from the time when Adam Sandler made saucy and very stupid comedies (which is still the case today you will tell me) well you will be happy to learn that the kid who plays in it is actually two kids : the brothers Cole and Dylan Sprouse. Are you really happy to hear that or did I oversell it?

5. The character of Laverne Cox in “Orange is the new black”

In order to shoot a scene of the transsexual character played by Laverne Cox before her transformation, the actress suggested that her twin brother take over his role in an episode and few people knew it. In any case personally I had absolutely no idea, mainly because I’ve never seen this series.

6. Dakota Fanning and her sister Elle Fanning in “Sam, I am Sam”

For once the two sisters played the same character but at different ages, which is more justified. They looked the same at the time so it was pretty good and nobody noticed, mainly because we were too busy watching Sean Penn to notice.

7. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in “The House Party”

We often use twins when we have to film with kids in the United States, because it allows us to do more scenes with the character without being limited by the imposed hours of child labor, we told you about it with the stuff to know on child actors. Suddenly the Olsen sisters shared the character of Michelle Tanner in the series The house party and that for once was rather known as info.

8. Linda Hamilton and her sister Leslie in “Terminator 2”

When the T1000 transforms into Sarah Conor in one of the scenes of this fucking masterpiece, you’d think it’s actress Linda Hamilton doing both roles but NO, it’s her sister Leslie who does the understudy at this time. Damn T1000, he will have really amazed us until the end.

9. Ryder and Evan Londo in “Sons of Anarchy”

Another two little twins who played the role of a single kid, in a series that’s far too many scenes, especially since the character Abel Teller is often there. So it seems quite logical that we used cute twins.

10. Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush in “Little House on the Prairie”

Chopping wood and dying of pneumonia was the daily life of the Ingalls family, and since the series was a hit, it was necessary to ensure that the kids could play as much as possible in the 2:30 episodes. So we stay on a huge classic: take binoculars, I named the little Lindsay and Sidney.

11. Ryder and Evan Londo dance “Mad Men”

Yeah, it’s the same kids as in Sons of Anarchy who played in Mad Men, and obviously we still used the two twins to do the role because we could chain the scenes. These kids are in high demand.

12. Christian and Lionel Clavier in all of Christian Clavier’s filmography

Have you ever wondered why Christian Clavier is such a good actor in both gesture and diction? Well it’s because it’s actually two twin brothers: Christian appears on the screen and Lionel does the voices. Masterful teamwork. Best actor.

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