Top 12 reasons to worship the Palmashow, gods of humor and parody

1. They will save 2022

How did you not know that??? Gotta get up to speed my little guys. The Palmashow is releasing its new film “Les Vedettes” on February 9, 2022. So yes, we don’t really know what we’ll be able to do to keep busy during the weeks that separate us from this masterpiece, but we is at least sure of one thing, and that is that after this, the world can only get better. I can’t wait so much that I booked a week off so I could watch him every day at the movies. Who accompanies me?

2. They sing really well, give them an award now

These guys know how to keep the note, I’m telling you. We had to make a top of the best songs from the Palmashow because it was so impossible to make a choice. But hey, in the excellence of all these songs, we still have a little crush on Quinoa by The Bobos. It is she who will accompany me on my walk down the aisle at my wedding, that’s it.

3. They’re funny, like really funny

In life, there are not funny people like Jean-Michel Blanquer or the doctor who gives you a digital rectal examination. Then there are the funny people, like Jean Castex with the accent and the roast chicken (I don’t know about you, but roast chicken always makes me laugh). Besides that, there are the guys from the Palmashow, unclassifiable because being so funny is genius (and I’m not saying that to get them to invite me on vacation with them). Their sketches should be broadcast in all maternity hospitals in France to help young mothers find their perineum as their jokes make you want to urinate on it, in all humility. And in any humidity.

Top 12 reasons to worship the palmashow gods of humor

Yeah, no but it doesn’t look like that, but in real life they are too golri

4. They have great names

Gregory means “watcher” in Greek and David means “loved of God” in Hebrew. If even God is ok to say they are amazing, what other proof do you actually need??

1643638110 202 top 12 reasons to worship the palmashow gods of humor

guys like that

5. They’re good at everything, it’s borderline annoying

Whether they’re doing stand-up comedy, sketches, acting, parodies, movies, or music, the guys are great at everything they do. It’s simple, they succeed in everything they do. It’s okay, we’re not bothering you too much? Do you also not want to run for the presidential election of 2022 to lead France as well?

6. They can win battles because they are the kings of the punchline

We could cite 8,749 of them, of the best Palmashow punchlines, but if we had to give just one example, it would surely be this one, taken from sensitive rappers by PLM: “Cinderella, it hurts me, when she can’t go to the ball, damn it’s nimp, her mother-in-law damn it”. And now Eminem, what is he going to do?

1643638112 979 top 12 reasons to worship the palmashow gods of humor

Oil on canvas of the Palmashow rolling over the competition, 2022

7. They are able to play anyone

Fathers, ninjas, teachers, reality TV guys, Ikea salesmen, superheroes, ski monos, soldiers and even civil servants. You only have to see the best characters at the Palmashow to conclude that in fact, they can be given anything to play, they will, and much more! On the other hand, never invite them to your mime evenings, there you risk being humiliated and that is not what we want.

1643638113 836 top 12 reasons to worship the palmashow gods of humor

There you go, yet another role played brilliantly, pfffff, when does it end?

8. They are BG

No, but look at this charisma, this presence, these heads of winners. I don’t know about you, but I really want to hang out with them and cook pasta gratins for them every night. They pass the ring on my finger whenever they want.

9. They helped a whole generation grow (except the Jeannes)

If you weren’t a hairpiece in your sofa on Sunday evenings watching Very Bad Blagues, you missed your youth, it was Victor Hugo who said so. Thanks to them, we learned everything about life, the civil service, sex, prison, parent-teacher meetings and banks. Well, they spared the Jeannes a little less, but you can’t have everything. What an idea to be called like that too.

10. Thanks to them, we wouldn’t have needed the Americans to win the Second World War

They are cracks, we tell you. It’s not to spoil their first film for you, but if you still haven’t seen it, you’re really going to have to update yourself before the film Les Vedettes is released, and quickly, because it dates from 2016, at the end of a moment.

11. They worked with people who were way too nice (but still less than them)

Adèle Exarchopoulos, Florence Foresti, Alain Chabat, Thomas VDB, Pio Marmaï, Nicolas Maury, Kad Merad, Élie Semoun, Fred Testot, Bérangère Krief, Jérôme Commandeur, Anaïs Démoustier, Benoît Poelvoorde… We could mention many more but the list would be too much long then we prefer to leave you on these beautiful names that don’t give a damn. Are there places for figuration? Because we are fully available right now.

12. They are animal friends

I think guys who raise a giant fly for several weeks, you can trust them, they will be good fathers.

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