Top 12 proofs that the Japanese are the best football fans

We often talk about stupid football fans who mess things up, set fire to cars and fight with bike chains while performing Nazi salutes, but not all fans are like that. There are non-violent ones, rather calm ones, friendly ones, and then there are the Japanese supporters. They are the cream of the crop, they are the best in terms of supporters. We dare say it: if all football fans were like them, the world would be much more beautiful.

1. They clean the stands before leaving the stadium

Nobody asked them eh: they just do it because they are well educated.

2. And they even clean up other fans’ shit

With them there is no “No, it’s not me who threw it on the ground, so it’s not me who picks it up”. No, the guys clean everything, because they understood that in life, you had to be altruistic. They are golden supporters, we told you.

3. And to prove it’s not just a fad, here’s an older photo

8 years ago in Brazil, the fans were already ultra-respectful and clean, unlike those of other nations. It was a long time ago, and we still haven’t seen other spectators imitating them…

4. Their team leaves the locker rooms clean

While all the other teams leave their locker room leaving it in a disgusting state, the Japanese footballers leave having cleaned everything beforehand. Inevitably, it sets an example

5. The fans have crazy outfits for matches

Watch these Japanese/Qataris cheering on their team in their gorgeous costumes. We want to see more of guys like that (although we still don’t fully understand what the disguises represent).

6. Even when they’re partying in the street, they respect the rules of the road

Watch in this video: when the police whistle, everyone moves aside to let the cars pass. Honestly, back home, everyone would have rather jumped on cars without a shred of respect. It’s not the same atmosphere.

7. Guys know their classics

4 years ago in Russia, comedian John Sulo found himself singing the credits of One Piece with Japanese supporters, and it was very good fun. Russia was also a bit more delirious at the time, moreover.

8. They have reactions to peeing on each other laughing

Look at this Japanese spectator who discovers that he is on the big screen. Who else could have had this reaction? Jacques Brel ? Emanuel Macron? Patricia Kass? We do not believe.

9. Oh yes, we almost forgot: they also pick up their trash when their team loses

There are no bad losers here. What good people.

10. They have quality tifos

We know how to make funny football banners, but with Olive et Tom to encourage your team, you’re sure to have a good game.

11. So much for us: respect is contagious

The Moroccan, Senegalese and French supporters are also cleaning up now, and that’s cool. It’s a bit of a cheat, but it’s cool.

12. They have players who can do stuff like this:

Inevitably, after, one can only want to share his happiness with the whole Earth.

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