Top 12 proofs that frankly it’s easier to be a woman

Ahhh, women… We spend our time moaning, and “yes yes yes, we don’t have enough rights”, “yes yes yes, life is not easy”, “yes yes yes, I have my period”. Aaaah, it’s ok! It’s not that bad to be a woman. There is still a whole lot more, huh… The proof!

1. We get our period once a month.

Really practical anyway, this little gift from Mother Nature, to confirm that no, there is no brioche in the drawer. Well… That gives us a good little excuse to sulk for a week, huh! Raaaah it’s ok, why are you laughing? Are you on your period or what??

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2. We earn less money than men

This is our generous side. Our love of work. Our passion. It’s still more pleasant to do a little volunteering every year, rather than having enough money to have fun, isn’t it?

3. You can experience pregnancy…

But what happiness! The urges to throw up all the way, the body that changes without us being able to manage anything, the pain in the breasts, the lower back, the stomach, the strict and tasteless diets,… But of course it is the most beautiful period of our life. How could it be otherwise?

4. …and childbirth

The most beautiful day of our life. There is no sweeter moment than to expel a being the size of a large coconut from that place.

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5. If you have body hair, people feel compelled to comment.

“Ah no, but don’t worry, I’m not shocked about a woman, I’m modern, you know! “. Well thank you very much! It’s always nice to be reassured by a stranger about the appearance of our body!

6. We get hissed when we put on a dress or a skirt

Honestly, given the price of clothes today, it’s nice when someone notices the quality of the product, I tell you!

7. We manage contraception

Classy, ​​is not it ? Little pill, implant in the arm or IUD in the uterus, we choose. Oh yeah! Small shot of hormones and daily depression, even if it is not always reimbursed by social security. Ahhh bah yeah, we do not refuse anything! We know how to have fun, huh!

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8. We’re not the ones carrying the big boxes

Because you have to leave that to the big, muscular, strong arms that only men have. It can’t be easy dragging those pounds of muscle and testosterone every day… Not easy being a good guy.

9. We are given clothing advice

Don’t put on such a short dress, take off that veil, show your breasts less, or show them more, your top is too transparent, put something underneath,… Fortunately, there are all these dedicated and voluntary stylists.

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10. We often worry about the size of our breasts.

While no one cares about guys’ nipples, the poor…

11. There has not yet been a woman President of the Republic in France

The race is therefore always open to become the first! Yihaaaaaa!

12. We have our own little day

The most beautiful day of the year. The guys hold the door for us, give us flowers, and some even do the dishes (I SWEAR)! What a bargain. The best thing about all of this is all the great initiatives taken for Women’s Rights Day. It freaks me out every time.

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