Top 12 Presidential Candidates If They Were Disney Villains

After having dreamed of the presidential candidates as little cats (awwww too cute), now they are being nightmared as Disney villains (brrrrrh). At the same time, it must be said that the similarities are rather striking! In your opinion, what is the scariest between Zemmour president AND Zemmour as the villain of Monster and Company?

(The answer is… Both! Hihi. Did you find it??)

1. Zemmour / Leon (Monster & Cie)

Leon is sneaky, cunning and would do anything to crush others. He blends into the background to secretly prepare a diabolical plan and achieve his ends. Their biggest common point: they are scary and they know it.

Zemmou leon

2. Le Pen / The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

Le Pen loves cats, Cheshire IS a cat. Already, it’s quite convincing, but that’s not all: the Cheshire cat takes malicious pleasure in playing tricks on Alice before seeing her return to her country… You see where I’m coming from? Finally, are we ok that this forced smile in all circumstances, except for a few teeth, is exactly the same on the photos on the left and on the right?

Marine paysmerveilles

3. Macron / Hans (the Snow Queen)

Hans and Macron are two men, relatively young and not disgusting at first sight. In the Snow Queen, this handsome prince who we all trusted from the start, finally does not keep any of his promises and turns it upside down to everyone! I’m not saying it’s the same person, I’m just saying we’ve never seen them in the same place at the same time.

Mechants disney

4. Jadot / Anton Ego (Ratatouille)

Their common point? Bah… The dress and the clear eyes, to begin with! They also share an unusual passion: vegetables. Yes, yes, remember: in Disney, it’s a ratatouille that comes to touch the heart of the terrible food critic. And, in your opinion, what appeases an ecologist more than good organic vegetables? Nothing. CQFD. Yeah, I took the cabbage to find, yeah!

Ego jadot

5. Pécresse / Cruella

Always a perfect blow-dry, a very right look, but above all an aversion to dogs… I don’t have proof that Pécresse doesn’t like these little balls of hair, but wouldn’t it be a form of torture to vote one for her? To meditate.

Pecresse cruella

6. Jean Lassalle / Monsieur Fly (Peter Pan)

Monsieur Mouche is: interventions that are not always easy to understand, a whelk charisma, and good wine with friends! Do you see a difference between these two guys?

Lassalle mouche

7. Melenchon / Scar

Everything is in the eyes.

Melenchon scar

8. Roussel / Lyle Tyberius Rourke (Atlantide)

It’s all in the attitude this time. They would not have the same hairdresser, these two? In any case, it might not be easy for Roussel to have fun aboard Tyberius Rourke’s ship… Yeah, there’s no hunting at sea! But hey, there’s at least fishing. We do what we can, with what we have, huh.

Roussel atlantide

9. Dupont-Aignan / Judge Claude Frollo (Hunchback of Notre-Dame)

Judge is definitely one of Disney’s worst villains. In the cartoon, he accuses the Bohemians of perverting the population and does absolutely everything to expel them from Paris. In short, if he were here today, he wouldn’t be against a little reestablishment of the borders, would he?

Dupont aignan frollo

10. Arthaud / Yzma (Kuzco)

Basically, Yzma wasn’t that bad, but… She got fired and it freaked her out! THE FUCK WORKERS RIGHT.

Yzma arthaud 1

11. Hidalgo / Mother Gothel (Rapunzel)

Mother Gothel is a pretty brunette (when she’s not turning into an old witch) who would rather walk for two days to buy paint than pollute the planet with rotten transport. She lives in the middle of nature, in a tower visibly devoid of any electricity. Apart from the magic side of Disney, I don’t really see any difference between the two women.

Hidlago gothel

12. Poutou / His Candy (Ralph’s World)

In addition to the physical resemblance which is quite impressive, we can imagine the scenario very well: Poutou drives Ford cars in a car racing video game. He is too strong and everything is going for the best. AND BAM Ford puts him upside down, releases a new game with a more powerful car, kicks him out and threatens to fire him. Hit in the heart, he tries to short-circuit the opposing game to regain the upper hand… BUT THIS FILM WAS DIRECTLY INSPIRED BY HIM, IN FACT.

Poutou sucrerie

It’s all fantasy. But the thing that is neither a joke nor a dream (quite the contrary): it is today that you have to go vote (please). So, to help you, we also made you an honest version of their programs. In all objectivity of course, you know us!

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