Top 12 Pictures of Really Unlikely (Very Unlikely) Stuff

Isn’t life full of surprises? Little moments out of time, which seem almost unreal? These photos are proof of that. No, you are not dreaming. Pinch yourself, if you don’t believe me. And enjoy, be shocked, taken aback, completely on your ass, tell your colleagues this morning, and show the photos to your uncle on Christmas Eve. These images are worth sharing and appreciating.

1. A bird that saves a guy a $300 fine

The very definition of being “in the right place, at the right time”.

2. This cat who understood the concept

A cat that blends into the background like a chameleon, it looks like the start of a bad joke.

3. This giant fish (but actually, no)

Undoubtedly the image that inspired Tim Burton’s film “Big Fish”. In fact, hold on tight: this fish is not really giant! He simply performs a jump right in front of the lens. It’s all a matter of perspective. Totally crazy, right?

4. Ce poisson fancy

Anyone who lost their wedding ring off Norfolk Island, looks like someone found it. On the other hand, good luck for the negotiations. He doesn’t seem ready to get rid of it.

5. The window rainbow that lines up perfectly with the stove knobs

It’s witchcraft. I see no other explanation.

6. This bubble that got stuck on a spider’s web

As improbable as it is artistic. As our grandmothers would say “we would have liked to do it on purpose, we wouldn’t have succeeded! “. The art of handling words, our grannies.

7. The tree that cracks twice, without damaging the car underneath

A day playing the lottery.

8. These flying glasses

Two hypotheses: the mountaineer made them fall, and his friend capturing the moment at the right time. Or, he is simply followed by the invisible man. A fairly bland guy who doesn’t master the notions of camouflage very well. Personally, I find the first hypothesis quite unlikely. What do you think ?

9. This niche pro

Only one question: how do we get here?

10. This fish that fell from the sky

According to the guy who posted the photo, this fish fell from the sky, in the dog park. Two hypotheses here too: a somewhat playful seagull having fun dropping packages, or a big mytho who invents a life on the networks…

11. An egg within an egg

An effective alternative to those who can no longer eat Russian dolls.

12. This little piece of blue sky

Like an allegory. An invitation found a bit of positive amidst the clouds. To cling to the little light. To write a personal development book. To spend his life on inspiring LinkedIn posts.

Lovers of wacky photos, I cannot recommend this top of photos with unusual details! After falling on your ass, you will laugh your ass off. Take it easy anyway, a hematoma on the derch sucks.

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