Top 12 photos of the French casting of the 2022 presidential election

Immediately stop all your activities (unless your activities are simply to breathe oxygen and have blood running through your veins, if that’s your activity, don’t stop). We got a preview for you of the French casting of the 2022 presidential candidates. It’s good, the guys have been booked for the film adaptation of this somewhat boring political moment (a France 2 production at most ).

1. Marine Lepen – Charlotte de Turckheim

Despite the 13 years that separate them, Marine and Charlotte have a lot in common on the physical level, starting with sandy blonde hair and a smile of shady sensuality. Find Charlotte de Turckheim in her most beautiful role in Chacists, a French comedy about the training of racist cats. (with Franck de Lapersonne as the Nazi Maine Coon).

Lepen turkheim

2. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan – Guillaume de Tonquédec

So I am told in the headset that Guillaume de Tonquédec is not finally available for the role. The release of the film about the failed life story of NES will eventually be pushed back to 2057.


3. Nathalie Arthaud – Valerie Bonneton

Valérie and Nathalie don’t only have the letter “i” in their first name in common. They also have a physical resemblance as close as that of a shrew and a duck (it’s okay but we do what we can). The big-screen adaptation of workers’ camp will be done with Bonneton or with no one.


4. Jean-Luc Melenchon – Philippe Duquesne

Not quite the same age and yet a small face not so far between these two respectable-looking men whose Union can only be Popular (you have it ???).


5. Valerie Pécresse – Miou Miou

Well, you have to imagine Miou-Miou 15 years ago but between us I think it’s the best double in the history of the double. And if not, did you know that “Valérie Pécresse” was the anagram of “cereals”?


6. Jean Lassalle – Gerard Depardieu

Full resemblance at the level of the conk guys stop judging my choices, you all know that Lassalle and Depardieu are one and the same person, the proof Lassalle asked people for cheese on a plane.

7. Philippe Poutou – Philippe Torreton

It’s very simple they are twin brothers, no more no less.


8. Fabien Roussel – Francois Cluzet

We weren’t going to adapt the 2022 presidential election without putting in the only French actor who is “your son’s godfather”. Good after, I’m not going to lie to you, we also chose Fabrice Luchini for the stunt doubles.

Cluzet roussel

9. Yannick Jadot – Jean-Paul Rouve

I am as convinced by this choice of casting as by the presidential program of Jadot (and I am green, that is to say).

Rouve jadot

10. Anne Hidalgo – Juliette Binoche

We hesitated for a long time with Victoria Abril (for the Hispanic side but afterwards we said to ourselves that we would not assume this joke). In the end, Binoche was chosen. So restrained that it is also Juliette Binoche who will become the mayor of Paris. It’s gone way too far.

Binoche hidalgo

11. Thimothée Chalamet – Eric Zemmour (yes, yes)

Listen it’s not me who says it’s the company that decided so I’m just passing on.

12. Emmanuel Macron – Lannick Gautry

Any news from Lannick Gautry’s career? I just wanted to talk about him.

Macron gautry

13. BONUS: Véronique Genest as Véronique Genest

Véronique Raymonde Marie Combouilhaud, first political commentator whom we hope will make a formidable minister of culture in the government of Zemmour (false).

And you, who to play your part in the film adaptation of your miserable life?

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