Top 12 Pet Owners Who Completely Abuse

We all make mistakes with our pets. Like buying a piranha thinking it’s a goldfish. Classic… But one mistake not to make is to be a stupid pet owner. And unfortunately, many people fall into this category. The proof in pictures (we would have liked not to come to that, but what do you want…). If you want to make all the houses in your neighborhood to give the animals their freedom then, it’s normal, don’t panic.

1. “One-year-old blue-eyed pitbull. He destroyed my house. He killed my cat and attacked my calf.”

“Very cute dog, but don’t trust him. He’s a male, I’m selling him for $350. »

2. “I’m looking for a dog sitter for seven days a week. I hope to have a Maltese soon. I’m looking for someone who would do this for free.”

3. “Our precious Queen Esther needs a walk every morning. I’m looking for someone to walk her every morning.”

– This will include all weekdays and weekends. If you are interested in this volunteer mission, call me!

– Ok, but why are you charging people $20 to do what you offer to do for free? »

4. “I’m looking for a dog with a good family. More like a Golden or a Labrador. I’m a single mom and can’t afford to slap $3,000 on a dog. I have a 5-year-old boy who really wants a dog (and a cat who could tolerate the dog)”

5. “I’m looking for someone to watch/walk my dog ​​for free when I’m not around.”

“You can’t stay at my house but I’ll give you a key. You must take the dog out for at least 5 hours and take it for a walk. As a reward, you will have the right to eat my food when you are at my house and to walk around with a great dog. »

6. “I’m looking for a small dog, not one that’s too big. I don’t have the money to buy one and he’ll need to be vaccinated and give me medicine.”

“Go to animal control and adopt one for $150, castration and vaccines are included. Otherwise, you can also think about not becoming responsible for an animal that depends on you if you do not have the means to ensure its most essential medical needs…”

7. “I am looking for a dog groomer who does not need proof of vaccination, since our dog is not vaccinated against rabies”

“A good groomer asks for proof of vaccines for safety reasons. »

“I don’t want to over-vaccinate my dog, I just hope to find a groomer who will understand. »

8. “Extremely irresponsible person, who told me she would take care of my dog. I booked her services two months in advance so there were no surprises. canceled 20 days before the date giving me the crummy excuse of a loved one’s funeral in three weeks…I don’t recommend!”

“I’m sorry for this last minute cancellation, it was also something unforeseen for me and very hard to manage. I can send you the funeral invitation. Know that this was not an excuse, but a very complicated situation. I hope you find someone to take care of your dog. »

9. “Need advice on where to look. I am looking for a Persian, preferably a kitten to buy or adopt for not too much money, ideally $200 maximum. We would very much like to expand the family with a small cat. Preferably close to the downtown but we are ready to travel for the rare pearl. Breeders, shelters or individuals who may have a reach.”

10. “Just so everyone knows, my dog ​​Leafs’ birthday is Saturday and he accepts gifts, not treats, or rope games. Or plastic games. You can buy him stuffed animals, preferably not the ones with plastic eyes. Or you can also just send her money, I’ll buy her presents.”

11. “Not to sound stingy but after months of giving my dog ​​a free glass of whipped cream with my order, Starbucks employees told me this morning that management asked to switch. at sample size. It’s your problem if your dog is 30 pounds but mine is 100.”

12. “I’m not going to be able to babysit your dogs even if it’s something we do. I have four dogs, cats and rabbits.”

“- They’re fine as long as they don’t see other dogs or cats.

– Again, we do not keep dogs in our home. We welcome dogs for a shelter.

“My friend told me to contact you to have the shelter keep them.

“That’s not how a safe house works.

– So I have to cancel my vacation or leave my dogs alone at home? What kind of shelter lets that happen? »

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