Top 12 people who throw a party and fail miserably

It takes a lot of courage to organize a party because we know that there are guests who completely abuse it. You have to tidy up before, after and even during the evening if you are a big jerk. Once in a while, it’s the organizer of the evening who screws up everything and is boring or airheaded and it can quickly turn to drama (we hardly abuse it).

1. The guy who had to buy candles for his wife’s birthday cake but decided to improvise

2. Imagine if your mother-in-law invites you to her house and cuts the birthday cake like this

3. The aunt planning a “beer bong” for her 4-year-old nephew’s birthday party (and posts a photo on Insta)

4. The grandfather who celebrates his birthday and kinda forgets to watch the barbecue

5. People throwing a party with 40 people where there’s going to be spilled stuff everywhere but you still have to take your shoes off

“If you ask me to take off my shoes to go to your party, I hope it’s because the floor is made of trampolines”

6. The cake that says “Happy Birthday Loser” instead of “Lizard”

Well, it’s not the fault of the parents but they could have checked before showing it to the kid

7. When you throw a birthday party but forget the cake in the shopping cart


8. People who leave a guitar lying around for a dodgy guy to play all night

9. Parents who offer an Alexa saying “that way you’ll have someone to talk to”

10. Parents who give their child a suitcase as a birthday present for when they feel like leaving home

11. “Failure Party: I threw a party where I cooked for 40 people. 24 hours later, a friend asks me if I saw her boyfriend because he never came home. them. No, I didn’t see him. I left for work. I found him locked in a closet at home when I came home at night.”

As long as you don’t give such a bad present and forget the cake at the supermarket, your night can’t get any worse.

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