Top 12 people who have excelled in several careers, what talent!

Some people manage to combine talents, sometimes even several careers in which they shine by their success. Today we decided to tell you about some of these celebrities who have really had the recognition and apprehension of critics and the public for their various projects and it is rare enough not to underline it.

1. Quentin Dupieux – Filmmaker and Musician

After starting a successful musical career under the stage name Mr Oizo, Quentin Dupieux tried his hand at genre cinema before finding his own style and becoming a recognized UFO of French cinema. Shivers Quentin, you are a good one.

2. Yannick Noah – Tennis player and singer

But you know lionesses really are queens. This is what Yannick Noah told me when I was a kid when he was on the radio. This great man, first king of the clay courts, became a successful singer and incidentally the favorite personality of the French for several years in a row, the mark of a great man.

3. Jared Leto – Actor and Rockstar

He is objectively very handsome, very good actor, rather good musician and also very good cult guru since he has read the advice to create his own cult at least, so do like him. Sacred gentleman who does not age.

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Credits photo (CC BY-SA 2.0) : Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

4. Bruce Lee – Martial Arts Champion and Actor

Not only was the guy a martial art champion, but he also created his own, just before having a short but memorable film career. Really a pity that he died so young, he would have had time to make a third career if it is.

5. Bob Dylan – Musician and Sculptor

Did you know he was sculptor Bob Dylan did you? I had no fucking idea as I’m on his wikipedia page every morning to check his news. Shit to miss that, he seems gifted too.

6. Serena Williams – Tennis champion and fashion designer

The first of the Williams sisters has managed to make a turn in her life to become a successful fashion designer, she creates luxury clothes and good for her, it has always been my favorite of the two.

7. Venus Williams – Tennis champion and interior designer

The other Williams sister is not to be outdone in terms of professional retraining since she began a flourishing career as an interior designer. A small problem at the start since she always wanted to put clay on the ground in the houses but since then it’s been better. It’s always been my favorite of the two.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Bodybuilder, actor and governor

Well, as a governor I’m not saying, maybe he wasn’t phew phew since he’s ultra right-wing, but on the other hand in terms of bodybuilding and his acting career, he smashed everything. He was playing like my right foot which just bumped most of the time but damn, damn filmography.

9. Lady Gaga – Singer and actress

Difficult to criticize the star so much everything she does seems to succeed. She sings well, she plays well, she has particularly original clothing choices and she is the godmother of Elton John’s children, that’s classy. I’m sure she cooks well too.

10. Drake – Actor and Singer

After a youth doing the actor in Degrassi Drake began to make sound, produced by greats until being pushed to the front of the stage because he sings well, raps rather well (without writing his texts) and has a good mouth.

11. Dr. Dre – Rapper, producer, and headphone designer

The Doctor became a millionaire just with the brand of helmets Beats, it proves that he was a particularly gifted businessman. But apart from that he was also a rapper who was doing quite well and a legendary producer of instrumentals coupled with an unparalleled talent scout (Eminem, 50 Cent, The Game…)

12. Bernard Tapie: Businessman, singer, actor, minister, final boss of multi-careerists

Adidas, the Olympique de Marseille, Les journals La Provence, Corse Matin… The guy touched on everything, not only legal stuff by the way, but he did it well, and then this face, and then this presence… An example for the youth. Well not always.

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