Top 12 People Who Build An Infuriating Personality Around Something

It sucks to be a bland person, but there’s something even worse: building your personality around a single passion, a single job, or even a single object. It is equivalent to having no personality and having lost in the great game of life. I prefer to warn you, it annoys me so much that I will use an aggressive tone to talk about it. Then I’ll have a herbal tea.

1. Crypto/NFT fans telling you you’re missing out by not investing now

Damn guys, you didn’t even know about this thing 5 years ago and today you only talk about it when we don’t give a damn about steaks. Even the kids are less boring with their new toys. And they don’t take coke.

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2. The “I’m proud to be an asshole” guy

The assholes, it exists and it’s already sucks. But people who claim to be big assholes deserve their place in a big bath of crushed glass.

3. “I’m proud to be a loudmouth” girls

You’re such a loudmouth that people are either afraid of you or disgusted with you. In the end, you find yourself alone and you complain that “true friends don’t exist”. Well no, you broke their noodles too much.

4. Electronic cigarette geeks who buy 15 different models when it’s just a cigarette

You’re still not going to take pleasure in becoming a specialist in electronic cigarettes? It’s just for smoking. Imagine if dudes became tobacco geeks coming out of “mmmh Thierry, have you tasted the latest Lucky Strikes? They are delicious. » ???!!! It would be ridiculous. You are better than that man.

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5. Those who idolize a movie villain, like the Joker

He’s a completely pimp’s guy who kills people. And you admire him? He KILLS people. I don’t know how else to put it: IT. KILL. OF THE. PEOPLE.

6. Soldiers who swear by army values

Yeah, making your bed square is nice, why not, but you know that your military rank, in civilian life we ​​don’t give a fuck? Ultimately you can be vice-admiral of my SIF, but I can’t offer you better.

7. The astrologers of my ass

“I’m only friends with Cancers and Libras because you understand the other signs don’t fit not with my mood ptdr »

But GJHghjkFGgdf%$jfjghj are you stupid enough to believe that the stars will influence your life? Especially since astrology is supposed to have 13 signs and not 12, we already told you. But since it’s astrology, whether there are 12 or 13 signs, it doesn’t work anyway. Astrology is bogus, so please don’t base your life on bogus stuff.

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8. Les go musko

Careful, huh, working out is great. But fighting on bodyweight forums about whether it’s better to lift dumbbells or do bodyweight weightlifting is about as sad as a kid throwing up on themselves because the canteen fish was not fresh.

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9. Fans of a series who pull out their replica paraphernalia that everyone is banging their asses

“Where is the chick? lol”, “We were on a break lol”, “I didn’t expect anything but I’m still disappointed lol”

Seriously, weren’t you taught to create your own sentences in school so that you felt compelled to repeat the same 12 lines over and over?

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10. Contractors

The worst part is that in the evening they seem like they’re in a Ted-X because they feel obliged to tell us about their journey for hours. As if we gave a shit.

11. Bikers

Yes you have a two-wheeled means of transport. No, that doesn’t make you who you are. You’re not “a biker”, you’re still Nicolas, the one who cried in sports class in 6th grade and who likes to watch videos of kittens on the internet. Your helmet and your leather jacket won’t change that.

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12. Parents

Changing diapers made you forget that you had your own personalities before becoming parents? You shouldn’t be surprised if you are no longer invited to parties.

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