Top 12 People Complaining About Free Stuff, Total Abuse

Everyone likes to complain; it’s human and it’s good to moan from time to time. We like to say “it’s too damn far away” when we’re 5 minutes away or “there’s nothing to eat in this barrack” when there’s just no more cheese. The real problem is that there are people who complain all the time and the worst are those who complain when we offer to help them. If you recognize yourself in these messages, you can eat gravel elsewhere.

1. Of course, I put you a McDo with that?

I donate a dishwasher on Craigslist and this is what I get

– I saw the free dishwasher on Craigslist. I live in Smyrna on the other hand, don’t you have anything else to give so that I don’t waste my time driving for nothing?

– You know what, I’ll do it for you at half price.

2. Someone offers a lot of groceries, they tell them it’s crap

– It’s not food in this club, only industrial and toxic shit. It doesn’t even belong in a landfill.

3. He wants us to pay him for a free microwave

– Is it still available? Address please

– Yes.. I live in Aylmer

– Ok I can’t come this far just for a microwave if you don’t pay me $25 for gas

– I don’t even know what to say to that, it’s surreal

4. Neighbors you don’t even wish on your worst enemy

This swimming pool story caused my uncle and aunt a lot of stress. Some people apparently think their neighbours’ pool is a municipal pool, people were sending their kids already in swimsuits without even asking permission.

She ended up telling them that the children can come as long as the parents stay with them and some neighbors got angry that they no longer had their free daycare center with the neighbors.

5. Having a free phone, yes, but definitely not an Android

– Does anyone have a phone to lend me? I dropped mine in the toilet and I need it for work!

– I have an old Android phone, it’s only a few years old

– Yuck no thank you! Android is really shit

– You said you need a phone for work, I’m offering you a free one. I was even going to offer you to go to your house to give it to you, did you really think you had a free iPhone?

– It’s not as if I asked for a NEW one, an old one would have worked stupid! I’m not going around with a shitty Android

6. We do good deeds and get spit in the face

My mother set up a book box in front of her house, someone left her this note with a crossed out smiley

“Don’t you think some of those old books would be better off in the recycling bin?” That would make room for more new books

7. People giving away stuff should guarantee free delivery within 24 hours.

Someone offers a sofa on Facebook, a guy replies:

– Is there anything else you could offer to make it worth it?

– What ? It’s a free sofa

– Yes but it is 30km away

– If it’s too far, don’t take it. I give it precisely because I have no other way to get rid of it.

– The client is always right, you are a very bad businessman

“If you can’t take it, stop wasting my time.

8. A guy asks if we can lend him a car, the rest will surprise you

– I am looking to borrow a car for my wedding

Facebook friend 1: – You can take my Tesla if you want

– Seriously ? A model 3? Swap it for a Model X and I’ll think about it

Facebook friend 2: I won’t be there for the wedding, you can borrow my M3 if you want.

– HAHA no thank you! I’m looking for a car at least 100K, it’s my wedding not my 18th birthday party.

9. A stranger asks another to drive 3 hours to buy him a game

– Is the game free?

– Oui

“And… could you make a better offer?”

– How ? It’s free. Just come get it.

“Could you drop him off at my house?”

– Goodbye

– Kiss my ass

10. Even when we offer beers, it’s not enough.

– 8 beers, you call that a pack?

– It’s free, John.

11. She offers pencils and coloring to her 2-year-old cousin, the mother causes a scandal

– The pencils you offered are of very poor quality, you can hardly see the colors and the coloring book is also very poor. Sorry but your gift is really not thoughtful, I’m disappointed.

12. Really the worst ones, no recognition

They quacked for food but when I threw bananas and strawberries they spat out shaking their heads. So rude.

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