Top 12 of the saddest deaths in the history of the series, end of the episode

We sometimes get so attached to certain characters in series that we have the impression that they are our friends, and when one of them dies, we feel even sadder than when our cat Mustache went under Aunt Martine’s Clio. Still, it’s just actors and fictional characters, but it does something anyway, and so we’re all going to cry together.

1. Omar Little – The Wire

Yeah I want to put it first, because frankly it was as unexpected as it was brutal. That being said we knew that Omar had been playing with fire for a long time, but that does not prevent the scene from being fucking shocking and sad, it was the end of an era and maybe twelve years later I think about it still bitterly yeah.

2. Seymour – Futurama

For those who watched the first seasons of Futurama, you may remember this great lesson on how you can make someone cry very easily: the dog episode. Fry finds a dog that accompanied him in his past life all fossilized and has the option of cloning him with his memories but he refuses upon learning that the dog lived for a few more years after his departure and therefore assumes he has it. forgot. The ending scene still gives me horrible nightmares.

3. Robb et Catelyn Stark – Game of Thrones

In the long list of traumatic series deaths, those of the famous “red wedding” have marked the spectators both for the surprise they cause and for the sadness they cause. We weren’t ready to see these characters go, but that was GOT, a chain of suffering punctuated by naked people. And dragons.

4. Sarah Lynn – Bojack Horseman

Frankly, this series remains enormously underrated for a few years after its conclusion, and if the character of Sarah Lynn was not necessarily the one to whom we were most attached, her death brought something atrocious to the (de)construction of the character. by Bojack. He was the one who had brought her back into the world of drugs when she was off the hook and her overdose made the story even darker than it was.

5. Ben – Scrubs


6. Joyce – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The shock episode of the Buffy series was completely out of the codes of the series: no vampire hunt, no action scene, no story of teenagers or supernatural stuff, only the discovery of the body of Buffy’s mother in the living room . The atmosphere of the episode is very sober, without any music and begins with a sequence shot during which Buffy finds her mother unconscious and calls for help. After five minutes on the phone, she refers to her mother for the first time as “the body” and then realizes that she is dead. Memorable. I’m still crying.

7. Brian – Les Griffin

Out of nowhere, the scene where Brian (the dog) of the Griffin family gets run over by a car was already quite touching. But when the dog says his last words on his deathbed, confiding to the family “you have given me a wonderful life, I love you” we really feel that it is raining directly in our eyes and it is very unfortunate.

8. Derek Shepard – Grey’s Anatomy

Doctor Mamour was probably one of the fan favorite characters of Grey’s Anatomy, which meant that his death was a damn ordeal to overcome and that many people were not able to mourn. Personally, I have never set foot in a hospital since, too many painful memories. So I lost two toes and partially my sight, maybe I should manage to go back.

9. Walace – The Wire

The fate of Walace in The Wire remains one of the most traumatic tricks of the series. This poor 15-year-old boy who, after seeing the horrors brought by the drug deal, begins to give information to the police knows a fate that is not only tragic, but also truly remarkable. Probably one of the most horrible when in addition, we know that the people who kill him are his friends who are two very popular characters.

10. Mike – Desperate House

Having never watched the series, I learn at the same time of the existence and death of Mike. Let me tell you that I’m pretty upset, it’s hard to swallow. I’ll put the video in the link anyway, but I warn you, it’s heavy to watch.

11. Poussey Washington – Orange is the New Black

Sorry, but I haven’t watched this series either, so I’m quite unable to tell you why it’s sad. Yeah I’m sorry, I could have lied to you and pretended to have watched, but it’s not done.

12. Didier – Walking Dead

For fans of Walking Dead, you obviously know Didier, the zombie from episode 4 of season 2. He gets hit on Hershel’s farm by Rick while he was just trying to feed himself and his young. Super sad this moment, I stopped the series afterwards.

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