Top 12 of the most unusual homes in history, it’s nice at home

You’ve probably already visited a strangely screwed up accommodation or located in a completely unlikely place, it happens sometimes and it’s very strange. But that’s nothing compared to the ones we’re going to show you today, places that are really unusual or located in particular corners where you probably wouldn’t want to live, or just for one night.

1. The apartment in a shopping center

It is the story of a band of residents whose homes were destroyed to build a shopping mall. In protest they started to squat the center and wanted to live there for a week but they found much better than that: an accidental room (a room created on plans but unused). It was a large room wedged between two walls that was completely abandoned. They then decided to invest this room of 70m2 and to bring furniture there and to connect lights to the electricity of the building. After four long years, they finally got busted because one of them brought in someone who dumped them, but it was a great place.

2. Battersea Power Plant

This huge building, which served as a power station for years, was bought after its closure by a real estate group to build luxury apartments in the heart of London. If living in an old power plant is your dream and you have a lot of money, you know where to buy.

3. The Keret apartment in Warsaw

Why not build an apartment between two very close buildings? It was the bet of an architect who wanted to build temporary accommodation for a writer friend Etgar Keret. The thing fits in a space of one meter fifty between two walls, to avoid for claustrophobics but rather well arranged.

4. A house with slides everywhere

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to slide down the floors of their accommodation with their full cup of coffee? Well, it’s possible in this totally atypical little house where everything is slippery and fun. A great place, but smells of feet.

5. The transparent apartment in Tokyo

If you have nothing against the principle of vis-à-vis you can stay in this apartment / house in Tokyo that leaves no room for imagination, since you see everything that happens. It’s all beautiful, all futuristic and all white, but here we see you shitting or doing your little private business at any time of the day.

6. The Skatepark House

Are you more of a skateboarding and sliding fan and would like to get around your house via skilfully placed half-pipes here and there? Then you will love this charming house where an accident quickly happened. Equipped kitchen on wheels and mandatory ollie to go to the toilet.

7. An apartment in a former water tower in Belgium

Renovating an old establishment is always a good idea to make it an unusual accommodation, but doing it in a water tower is really original. A bit damp and very circular in shape for the different rooms, but that’s not a gross idea.

8. A shell-shaped house, for seafood lovers

Do you like mussels, clams, oysters and shellfish in general? Do you like unusual decoration and houses? Then look no further, this accommodation is for you. Only problem, it is expensive, not for sale and is located in Mexico. Too bad, you were one step away from finding your happiness, life sucks.

9. A house in an old church, to live closer to Jesus

You have faith, you like beautiful arches and the reverberation of sound when you speak, so why not live directly in a completely renovated old church? Moreover, it’s always very classy to be able to say in the evening “don’t worry, I have a clam at home”. A sentence that is difficult to place but which causes a sensation when you get there.

10. Nail houses in China

What are called “nail houses” are those houses or buildings where the inhabitants have simply refused to move despite the construction of roads or streets. This gives atypical housing in the middle of highways for example, which is a place where everyone dreams of living because it always feels like being on vacation.

11. The cardboard apartment of artist Don Lucho

Well, it’s more or less a work of art made entirely of cardboard, but in fact the apartment is fully functional since there is a water supply and all the amenities available. Gotta love cardboard.

12. My little nephew’s garden house

My five-year-old nephew is selling his house, it is a first purchase in good condition, easily movable and which gives great opportunities for development. Be careful though, he has just redone the toilets so they are still in the running-in phase.

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