Top 12 of the most tyrannical actors on the sets, the relous of service

Who can stand up here and say “I’ve never had a bad colleague”? Probably nobody, for the simple and good reason that every band needs an asshole. It’s always obvious and very often if you don’t see an asshole in your work team, it’s because the asshole is you. History to push the cursor of the maximum annoyance of the colleagues, one can stop five minutes on an environment which counts more divas than any other: that of the stars. Because the latter imagine themselves to be more important than everyone else, they sometimes allow themselves to become more boring than a toothache and I’m going to drop names like the donor that I am.

1. Bruce Willis

The childhood hero of a bunch of people (including yours truly) seems like a perfect joker on set. Kevin Smith who had him play in Cop Out said it was his worst experience, at the end of filming he had a party and said “thanks to everyone for doing such a good job, except Bruce Willis who is a real shit”. Stallone had also tweeted after filming Expendables 3 that the actor was “greedy and lazy, a good way to screw up his career”. But in our heart, it doesn’t change anything, we love you Bruce.

2. Alec Baldwin

Before the terrible tragedy that cost the life of a technician, Alec Baldwin was talked about on film sets. On 30 Rock for example, he yelled at team members for no reason, complained all the time, was very often late, and was generally disliked by people. An American magazine had even compiled all the times people had complained about him on the various sets and the list was long.

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3. Katerine Heigl

At some point in her career Katerine Heigl was well positioned to be Hollywood’s most hated actress. Behaving like a veritable plague, she had fallen out with Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow on the set of Knocked up, instructions for use and said that the writing team of Grey’s Anatomy was too bad because his lyrics would never get him an Emmy. You see the kind of person.

4. Mike Myers

Attention diva: on several of his shoots the actor (moreover very funny) would have behaved like a perfect asshole. If several people have paid the price, it is the director of Wayne’s World who probably has the worst memory of it. He freaked out over nothing, felt jealous of his sidekick Dana Carvey, threatened to quit the film when he didn’t want to do a scene… The director said he hated the actor for years and advised him “to to open a children’s hospital to restore some honor”. Violent.

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5. Edward Norton

If you have seen the movie Birdman in which he plays a somewhat “control freak” actor who allows himself to make changes in the script and take the place of the director know that this is more or less what Eddy does in normal times. The movie he pissed off a director the most on was ‘The Incredible Hulk’, and Marvel simply decided to replace him with Mark Ruffalo because an actor who allows himself to change all his text during production and take literally the role of the director is a bit boring.

6. Charlie Sheen

When you fire people from the team because you don’t like them, you’re not necessarily a nice person. Aside from scabrous stories experienced in his private life, Sheen’s drug use could also play into his moods on set. As a reminder, he had been fired from his own series My uncle Charlie because the creator could no longer frame him and he was asking for too much money in addition to being unbearable.

7. Jennifer Lopez

At one time J-Lo was also an actress and starred in a few movies that clearly weren’t all essential. The problem is that she really behaved like dirt and even seemed to take pleasure in seeing people struggle to grant her requests, such as staying only in suites painted white, for example. A good big joke, but she sings well.

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8. Shia LaBeouf

Several somewhat embarrassing anecdotes surround Shia LaBeouf and in general the conclusion is always the same: the actor is unmanageable. Some blame his drinking to blame his nervous temper and mood swings. He still managed to physically attack Tom Hardy on the set of Lawless men and hurt him. Suffice to say that if in a job interview you answer the question “name three of your faults” with violent, angry and unpredictable, you have little chance of getting hired.

9. Sharon Stone

Obviously Sharon Stone would not be a very simple person on sets where there is money, she would make quite incredible requests through her assistant and it would not be uncommon for her to get off the set without warning because she’s a bit fed up. She would also change assistants quite often, which is never very reassuring because if it happens she bumps into them (or gets on their nerves so much that they end up getting off).

10. Marlon Bando

The further his career progressed, the more Brando didn’t give a shit. He came to film sets drunk, changed things at the last moment, made improbable requests like having a short person as a sidekick on the set of The island of Dr Moreau for no reason or outright sexually assaulting an actress on The last tango in Paris. Not phew the atmosphere of the evenings with him.

11. Chevy Chase

Those who know the series Community will be saddened to know that Chevy Chase (Pierce) really isn’t nearly as bad as his character. Insulting, hurtful, angry, sometimes bordering on racism and egocentric, the actor got bad press almost everywhere he went, especially in Saturday night live where he was not the favorite of his colleagues. Shame.

12. Val Kilmer

While he was clearly on top in the 90s, Val Kilmer slowly began to fall into oblivion because of two films: The island of Dr Moreau et Top Gun. It was his behavior on the two shoots that would have really discouraged the producers from giving him roles again, not to mention the fact that he hadn’t really hooked up with Tom Cruise, another rising star of the time who its part clearly managed to remain in the landscape.

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