Top 12 of the most passive aggressive phrases of our parents

Oh, the parents. They designed us, raised us, fed us, washed us, educated us, wiped us down y tutti quanti. We are still their little babies, even when we become adults. Their treasures, even. So why do they feel the need to throw passive-aggressive phrases at us that stab through our hearts every chance they get? We ignore it. Anyway, we share with you their worst passive aggressive sentences translated by us. This way you will understand your darons better.

1. “Have you registered for the permit?”

Translation “Are you still planning to walk around like a madman for a long time?” »

Voyage pendant ce temps la pologne permis

2. “Nice to hear from you”

Translation “I’m paying you an iPhone and a 30 bucks a month plan, so at least have the decency to use all that to call me once in a while, thank you.” »

3. “By the way, your cousin got married”

Translation : “If you could manage to put yourself in a relationship before I die that would be chic of you”

Sp infographie mariage 2

4. “Oh you smell like tobacco!”

Translation : “You drug addict, I didn’t work my ass off giving birth to you and protecting you from the dangers of life until you reached majority so that you would burn your lungs with fiac cancer before your 35th birthday. »

5. “You know, I’m totally ready to be grandpa/granny myself.”

Translation : “If you could work to ensure the descendants that would be cool. Do you need someone to explain to you how babies are made? »

Shopping definitions grands parents

6. “Ah you go there dressed like that?”

Translation : “If I had wanted to have an offspring with a circus look, I would have jumped off a bridge”

7. “Are these new jeans?”

Translation “We gave you 300 bucks last month because you had money problems. If we had known that it was to give you shopping sessions we would have sent you to shit. »

Shopping meme jeans vinted

8. “Oh, that’s new”

Translation “I don’t agree with your life choices, but apparently you’ve decided you can live without your parents’ advice, so get on with it.” »

9. “Did you go to the doctor?”

Translation “I can’t hear you coughing for 3 days anymore and you’re past the age that I’m taking you to the doctor, so get moving otherwise I’ll kick you out, and given the time that it’s more like a cold you’ll have but pneumonia. »

Topito rp scrabble medecin 1

10. “It’s good you have the air conditioning built into your jeans”

Translation “Given the number of holes in your pants, I hope the store gave you a discount”

11. “My colleague’s son had a very good honors in the baccalaureate”

Translation “I would like to be proud of my son too. »

Topito vs resultats bac

12. “I’m not serving you pasta, am I?”

Translation : “You got a kick out of it, didn’t you? »

13. “Here I made you a couscous to take home”

Translation “I know you only eat pizza so this will give you a real meal for once. »

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