Top 12 of the most overrated series of 2022, we hardly abuse

There are a lot of overrated series in this world and just this year, we were told a whole bunch of so-called “incredible” or “innovative” series and obviously we were disappointed. For the good of this top, all the criticisms that follow will be vehement, hateful, even downright bad faith. Please accept them with all the benevolence your soul has in store.

1. House of the Dragon

It’s like taking Game of Thrones to turn it into a no-budget sitcom. The wigs are ugly, the armor is ugly, and when they show dragons it’s too dark to see them. If you want to see fights between heirs, watch instead Succession.

House of the dragon

2. Wednesday

If I tell you the story of a teenager who arrives at an extraordinary school with lots of magical students, a zealous principal, a dangerous monster in the forest next door and a teacher who turns out to be in the service of a great mean megalomaniac, does that ring a bell? Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone ! failed, it was Wednesday. This coincidence is funny.

Come on I’m abusing, it was nice. And a badass girl instead of this boob Harry, it’s always nice.

Wednesday bedroom 2

3. The Rings of Power

Already that we had been pissed off on the trilogy of Hobbit but there the guys managed to push the boredom slider even further. 10 episodes to see a sulking elf help a sulking girl and her stupid sulking son against the backdrop of jewelers who form magical alliances… The Lord of the Rings for the 35th time.

Anneaux de pouvoir

4. Stranger Things saison 4

Funny surprise, there is a new monster in Hawkins and the band of brats will use the famous big nerd game to figure everything out and get by, as usual. As for the Byers, Eleven has lost her powers and we wonder if she will find them again (the suspense is unbearable), Will spends his life crying and painting (surely portraits of Mike naked) and Joyce abandons her kids to go to Russia to save Hopper who OH SURPRISE is not really dead lol we believed it too much. Nothing really new apart from clocks and Kate Bush.

Stranger things van

5. 1899

We were sold a mystery series designed by the creators of Dark, so only very good a priori. Unfortunately, the magic stops very quickly when you realize that the characters are boring to death and that the story is based on the myth of Plato’s cave already seen 10,000 times. We are thrown an actor at the pif of Elite to play the service Spaniard and the kid who played in The Rain, Netflix‘s worst crap. What’s worse is that they didn’t put any effort into the final reveals; they could have emailed us the answers to the questions we were asking, that wouldn’t have changed anything.

In the end, this series is Dark what karting is to F1.

1899 serie

6. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Knowing the man, we expected something quality and very creepy as we like. Result, we get pissed off every other episode and it’s a little less scary than Love Actually. If you don’t know how to get the neighbors’ kids to sleep during a babysitting party, just give them 15 minutes in front of an episode.

Guillermo del toro cabinet of curiosities

7. Dahmer

It’s not bad, it’s even rather well done and disturbing as a series about a cannibalistic serial killer should be. The problem is that it’s not good enough to talk about for a month. Thirty seconds at the break in front of the coffee machine is more than enough.

“Ah you looked Dahmer by the way ? ” / ” Yeah, and you ? ” / ” Yeah “. So.

Dahmer serie

8. The Torch

We really liked this concentrate of valves without tail or head with an incredible cast but the shortest jokes are the best. More than 6 MONTHS later, we still hear people say “Isn’t alcohol cool? or “Go to sleep Annick”. Do you want it to become as unbearable as the replicas of Asterix Mission Cleopatra? Is that what you’re looking for?

Le flambeau plage

9. The Bridgerton Chronicle (Season 2)

If you watched season 1 (which was already rotten), no need to watch the sequel since they recycled the script. Take the same story and change the names of the characters: a womanizing guy who doesn’t want to fall in love because of his father realizes that the girl he doesn’t get along with is the one for him. TOTAL SURPRISE, he ends up marrying her.

Bridgerton s2

10. Heartstopper

“I love you, me too, but since we are 15 we don’t dare say it to each other”. If you want to relive that super nice moment of adolescence when you felt too ugly and stupid to imagine that your crush could be mutual, you’ll love this silly series where teenagers drink milkshakes in a park instead to take coke from the toilet of a craignos box.

Heartstopper play

11. Ozark (season 4)

The magic trick ofOzark, is to serve us the same story every year. Obviously, we believe in it less and less and it must be said that the characters are all more detestable than each other. The only positive point: there are fewer and fewer of them since they all get hit.

Ozark s4

12. How I Met Your Father

We searched a lot. For days and weeks, in the cities as in the countryside, among the nostalgic but also among the neophytes… Nothing helps, it is absolutely impossible to find a living soul in the whole country who has watched this shit. So there will be no qualitative review for this sitcom vomit, sorry.

How i met your father

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