Top 12 of the best tweets about Erasmus, the best memories of your student life

We may have liked the Auberge Espagnole, but it’s still a thousand times better to experience an Erasmus in real life at university. And it’s when you see the best anecdotes of Erasmus told on Twitter that you realize that it is certainly one of the most beautiful moments to live in your student life (especially the moment when you find yourself throwing up your shots in the dustbin of a bar 1,500 km from your home with Italians, Danes and Greeks). Tribute to this incredible trip which was “a parenthesis in your life” (admit, you too, you said it on your way home).

1. They push too hard

2. French is so sexy…

3. Never seen an Erasmus so profitable

4. Certainly the most beautiful period of our life

5. The English know how to set the mood

6. It’s phew life all the same

7. Manuel Valls never disappoints, even abroad

8. Cunning, you’re afraid

9. Sacred moment the Covid in Erasmus

10. A whole program

11. We live Erasmus to teach foreigners bad French expressions

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