Top 12 of the best movie cut scenes, the ones you had to keep you bastards editors

There are three scripts to make a film: the script, the shooting and the editing. So it’s almost logical that during these three different writings the story evolves and things are changed, added or simply taken away. It’s those deleted scenes that we’re going to talk about today, because sometimes the directors fought to keep scenes and succeeded, but other times they were just scrapped from the final version.

1. The Batman: The Joker scene

We see him at the end of the film discussing with the mystery man through a grid but we can hardly see his face, it was perhaps a detail in The Batman, yet it was indeed the Joker (and not Benjamin Castaldi as some rumors have it). But a deleted scene that introduces the character much better was unveiled very recently and shows the dark knight talking to his most iconic enemy. And it must be said that Barry Keoghan’s Joker seems rather convincing and creepy, enough to promise a pretty cool sequel.

2. Alien 2: The scene where Ripley learns of her daughter’s death

Inevitably when you are cryogenized for nearly 57 years and you wake up in space far from Earth, time has flown. This scene which shows Ripley discovering that her daughter has grown well and even died of old age is quite touching, if you don’t cry you really don’t have a heart.

3. The Thing: the last game-changing plan

There like that we can not say that the end of “The Thing” was not clear: there were two characters left and we wondered ALL YOUR LIFE which of the two was “the thing”. But this very last little shot showing that the husky survived, well, that changes everything a bit because it could mean that he is the creature and that he will continue to kill people everywhere.

4. Star Wars: The Truth About Luke’s Origin Hidden by Yoda

It is obviously Darth Vader himself who teaches Luke that he is his father but why Obi Wan and Yoda who both know the truth have never revealed to him before? A deleted scene partly answers this question, or rather it confirms that it was Yoda who hid the truth and prevented Obi Wan from revealing it to him. Maybe he wasn’t that nice, this little green guy, personally he always made me feel uncomfortable.

5. The Lord of the Rings: The Motivations of Boromir and Faramir

You may not know it, but basically Peter Jackson wanted his trilogy to last approximately eight and a half months, which the producers refused because it was a little too long. So he cut a lot of scenes including this one which shows us Faramir and Boromir having a good time until their bastard father comes bully the little brother. We understand that they have no desire to go get the ring themselves but that it is the father who pushes them to do so, which shows them in a slightly more positive way.

6. Terminator 2: The Terminator Reset

In this strangely removed scene from the second film in the saga, we see Sarah and John Conor follow the directions of the Terminator to reset it. We also understand how much little John cares about his robot buddy and easily gets into a fight with his mother. The scene is important because it also shows John asserting himself, which reveals how he will be able to lead the rebellion a few years later.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1: The goodbye scene between Harry and Dudley

Ok this one she’s freaking out: after years of insults, low blows, misunderstandings, toilets not flushed after pooping and rivalry, the two cousins ​​finally say goodbye to each other on the doorstep. house door. It’s quite simple, no big speeches or hugs but enough to be touching. And they cut that bastards, like all those other cut scenes in Harry Potter.

8. The silence of the lambs: a bit of humanity in Hannibal’s voice

At each encounter between Hannibal and Clarisse in Thesilenceofthelambs the doctor addresses the investigator with condescension and coldness, without ever letting any part of humanity appear. Yet in this monologue (which the video shows you in an incredible take), we see a much more human Lecter, perhaps more touched by what he says and it’s quite a shame to say to ourselves that we have deleted this stage. Just for acting she deserved to stay.

9. Welcome to Bruges: The scene of young Harry that has an effect

The two contract killers who take refuge in Bruges do not really dare to disobey their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) and we understand that he is violent without having any real background. This deleted scene shows him young as he goes to settle his account with a policeman in a police station and it makes it completely clear why the character is also feared by the other two. The director decided to remove it because he was unhappy with the special effect, but the intention is clear.

10. Get Out: The scene where Rose reveals that she could also be a victim

In Get Out, Chris is trapped by his girlfriend Rose and her family who decide to hypnotize him. In the movie version you can’t really question Rose’s guilt in repeatedly bringing new boyfriends to her family, but in a deleted scene she tells Chris that when she was young her mother hypnotized him as well. because she was nervous. Which could therefore mean that she is also instrumentalized by her mother who is really a nameless bastard and that she is therefore also a victim.

11. Avengers: Captain America, Lost in the Modern World

We’re not going to lie to each other, keep three minutes of scene to make it clear that Captain America is struggling to get used to the modern world, it probably wouldn’t have been easy. Yet the producers have decided to throw this scene in the garbage as one throws garbage in the garbage. Really no hearts these filthy American producers.

12. Kill Bill 2: Bill’s Real (Little) Scene

The problem with Kill Bill is that for two films we are shown a super strong woman chasing after a big villain and when we finally meet this super villain in question he is making a sandwich in front of a cartoon. So he’s a bit rotten as a threat and that breaks the dramatic effect a bit. This very short scene shows us that Bill is also a seasoned fighter and that he is fearless, which was a bit lacking in the film.

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