Top 12 of the best Barbie movies from our childhood, the ones that raised us spiritually

When we were children or teenagers in the 2000s, we were very lucky: we could wear Hannah Montana t-shirts without embarrassment, dance tecktonik and flirt on MSN with wizzes. But know that if our quality of life was so high at the time, it’s also because at that time, we could watch the Barbie movies in peace and that it clearly forged the people we are today. ‘hui (beings of light obviously). So that’s the ultimate ranking of the best Barbie movies of our time, it wasn’t easy, but I think we have to tell each other things honestly.

1. Barbie: Princess Heart

This Barbie that tells the lives of Princess Anneliese and the seamstress Erika clearly deserves this first place for the number of times we sang “I’m like tooooooi, you’re like mooooooi” in the playground. There is no debate.

2. Barbie at the Twelve Princess Ball

Frankly, if you didn’t have tears in your eyes when Genevieve and her sisters danced for the first time in the magical world and you didn’t beg your parents to do ballet afterwards, it’s because you have no soul.

3. Barbie and Swan Lake

What better way to enjoy Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece than seeing it in Barbie mode? Nothing, exactly. If we shit in our tights in front of the terrible Odile and her terrible father, it must be said that Lila the unicorn made us hit big bars and that we were a bit of a fan of the duo Ivan the porcupine and Carlita the skunk . Yes, it’s my couple goal in life.

4. Barbie and the Three Musketeers

This film has clearly awakened our feminist consciousness. Seeing four Barbies dreaming of becoming musketeers and training with a badass granny to show that they can do the same job as a man, that was quality film that spoke to us. The hairs when Hélène asks them to prove that women can become fucking musketeers.

5. Barbie, Princess of the Wonderful Island

The position of this film in the ranking is explained very clearly by the cuteness of the animals which made us want to go into exile on an island in the middle of the ocean to communicate with red pandas. We had no small ambitions at the time. Well looking back, it was clearly creepy but listen, we were young!

6. Barbie and the Magic Horse

A flying horse and a wand of light to make, we didn’t need more to make us roll on the kiff highway. Plus, the teddy bear was way too cute, and there were really stylish 3D glasses offered with the DVD (no, I don’t have it in my library yet…).

7. Barbie in The Nutcracker

A timeless classic that we watched approximately 1,524 times (hence a certain weariness). But for a first Barbie, it was phew and it still deserves this good place in the ranking. All the same, a few points less for having made us believe for years that we were going to become a little opera rat.

8. Barbie and the Diamond Palace

A film which did not mark us either as our 0/20 in music in sixth grade, but which we still keep a beautiful memory (in particular thanks to the two puppies which are much too cute). Personally, I think of this Barbie every time I find a heart-shaped pebble in a river. If you don’t have the ref, please redo all the Barbies one by one.

9. Barbie and the magic of Christmas

We are starting to fall to the bottom of the basket. If the Christmas atmosphere was very good (look no further, that’s obviously where your passion for Christmas movies comes from), the plot was a little more fragmented than in the other films. Ok for stylish sets, but little better to do Barbie.

10. Barbie, Princess Rapunzel

As much as we liked Barbie Nutcracker and Barbie and Swan Lake, this adaptation of Rapunzel is really not crazy. And now that we’ve seen the Disney, we’ll never go back. Sorry Barbie…

11. Barbie presents Lilipucia

We are really on a weird old mix of Barbie and Polly Pockets which clearly does not look good at all on the screen. It is a total and definitive no.

12. Barbie’s Diary

I don’t even remember ever watching this movie, so I feel its last place is totally justified. Camp Rock was a much better film and yet I give it -10/20 in the bac.

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