Top 12 objects found a very long time after their disappearance

It can happen to all of us to temporarily lose or misplace something that we usually find some time later (unless it’s something lost in space for example, it’s more boring). But some people broke the duration scores a bit by finding objects of relative value, lost for years and it’s as nice to see as if we had found them ourselves.

1. A rocker who found his stolen guitar 46 years ago

Randy Bachman (The Guess Who), Canadian musician had his guitar stolen in Toronto in 1976 and went to recover it 46 later in Tokyo. The object had traveled quite a bit in the meantime and it was a fan who helped him find his very first favorite guitar.

2. The Rubaïyat of Omar Khayyam, the collection of poetry lost for centuries

Written between 1048 and 1131, this collection of poems was stolen from its author in ancient Persia before being lost in the Mongol invasions and then recovered. Then a collector got his hands on it before boarding an ocean liner called the Titanic. The jeweled book sank to the bottom of the ocean and is still waiting to be found there (but we know where it is).

3. The original of De Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”

Lost for literally centuries, we searched for the original of “Salvator Mundi”, a painting by the Italian master representing Christ which had been copied many times without being able to identify the real one. It was in 2011 that specialists finally discovered that the original was among the many copies and sold for $450 million, the highest price for a painting at the time of its sale. You can say what you want about Jesus, the guy sells.

4. The guy who lost his dentures for 11 years

Ok, it’s a bit less epic than a lost master painting or a stolen guitar, BUT it’s an amazing story nonetheless. A British holidaymaker had lost his dentures in Spain until police sent him home eleven years later. A story that brought tears to Didier, my dental surgeon.

5. The man who fished out his wallet 20 years after losing it

A fishing story as we like them: a guy loses his wallet during a fishing session in a lake and manages to fish it out 20 years later during another fishing session. If Netflix doesn’t make an 8-season series on it, it’s really because they’ve changed.

6. A woman found her wedding ring after 16 years on a carrot.

So wait, it’s a crazy story but still quite logical: the lady had dropped her wedding ring while gardening at home, so she didn’t look very well. That being said sixteen years later she picked a carrot from her vegetable garden with her wedding ring around it, which would make for the coolest marriage proposal in the world if she hadn’t already been married.

7. The man who hooked his ice skates to a tree only to find them years later in the trunk

A netizen shared a photo of a tree his grandfather had tied his ice skates to several years earlier. What a surprise to find that the tree literally merged with the skates years later. This tree will also represent the USA at the next Winter Olympics and I will tell you that it is my little favourite.

8. The gentleman who lost his glasses under his car for 2 years

Yeah, under his car, and he had to wait to take it to the garage to be returned. Well he didn’t really wait since he didn’t know they were there, but you get the idea. On the other hand, how they ended up there at the base is a mystery, he was crushed by his own body, I see that.

9. The one who found his childhood toys in his piano

A priceless treasure found in adulthood after years of neglect. When you’re a kid you tend to play with nothing, like a piano for example, and you also tend to lose everything because you have a memory with a lifespan of four minutes, which explains why this person found toys he’s probably been looking for years in a completely unexpected place.

10. The one who found his ring by changing computer screens

We all see the scene: he removes his ring, moves his screen, by an incredible coincidence the diameter of the ring is exactly the same size as a hole under the foot of the screen and lo and behold, it disappears for two years and we accuses the dog of having eaten it.

11. The woman who found the second part of her jeans ten years later

At a certain time when the definition of “fashion faux pas” did not have the same meaning as today and there were pants that could be transformed into shorts thanks to a clever zipper system. This woman had lost the trouser part and continued to wear the garment in shorts mode until she found the missing part ten years later. So you can see the wear of the textile in ten years in a very visual way.

12. The one who lost and found (too late) a ticket to see Prince

Missing a Prince concert is probably the worst thing that can happen since he was the best musician in the history of music (that’s my top I say what I want). This poor person misplaced his ticket and found it almost 16 years later in a book after obviously missing the concert. Super sad.

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