Top 12 movies that would have been shorter if the hero had had a smartphone

We have already told you about the films that would have lasted 10 minutes if the main character was not stupid but without being totally stupid we could also stop on the films where the action would have been turned upside down if the main character had had a smartphone . It sounds stupid said like that but in reality there are a lot of stories that would have lasted four minutes. What a waste of time.

1. Frodo in “The Lord of the Rings”

The app that would have changed everything: The GPS

Imagine that Frodo had a smartphone, he would have set his GPS on Waze with the criterion “avoid orcas on the route” and that was the story. Small quiet roads, no chance encounters and neither one nor two, the ring would be in the volcano.

2. Kevin in “Mom I missed the plane”

The app that would have changed everything: Whatsapp

A little message just after the parents leave by car: “Mom, you forgot me at home”. The parents would have turned around and hop, everyone was leaving quietly on vacation. They would have been robbed on the other hand, but you can’t have everything and in addition they are broke with money these big rich people.

3. Anyone in “Jurassic Park”

The app that would have changed everything: The phone

And to think that all you had to do was call the army to solve the problem: everyone was evacuated quickly and the island was bombarded with heavy missiles. It was over in seconds and everyone could have been in time for dinner. And above all, we would have finally prevented the old creator of the island from approaching less than two kilometers from his grandchildren.

4. Harry in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

The app that would have changed everything: The camera

And to think it took almost five years before people started to believe in Voldemort’s return when a simple video of Professor Quirrell with Voldemort’s head on the back of his skull would have been enough in year one . But they don’t care about wizards, they prefer to wear robes and drink polynectar.

5. Hikers of the “Blair Witch Project”

The app that would have changed everything: Viso Rando

If they had had a smartphone with a hiking app, the three characters would probably have survived. On the one hand because they would have quickly found their way and on the other hand because the opinions left on the location by other users would have announced the color: “There are beautiful ballads but be careful there is a killer who bumps into everyone in the corner”.

6. The guy from “Alone in the world”

The app that would have changed everything: Pokémon Go

Ok, he probably wouldn’t have been able to network on his deserted island but instead of buddying up with a balloon he could have captured Mewtwo and had a good time with him. (I know he wouldn’t have had a battery anyway, stop being so first degree).

7. Wendy and Danny in “Shining”

The app that would have changed everything: The phone

“Hello my husband is a bit unstable at the moment, like he talks to people who don’t exist and walks around with an ax in order to cut my son and me into slices”. The police arrive, everyone is saved and this hotel is burnt down once and for all to make it an annex of Futuroscope.

8. Alan in “Jumanji”

The app that would have changed everything: A pre-recorded animal noise app

Well, it’s hard to say if he would have been able to make a phone call from the jungle into his world, but he would have saved himself a lot of hassle with an animal sounds app. He probably would have just had to use the lion’s cry to make 95% of the critters that tried to eat him go away, which is already not bad.

9. The guy from “Phone Game”

The app that would have changed everything: Any

If the character of Phone Game Had he had his smartphone and hadn’t answered the call from the telephone box, that would have somewhat screwed up the plans of the killer who plays with him and the story wouldn’t even have taken place. For once he is just completely stupid, even without a smartphone it was enough just not to answer.

10. The survivor of “The Revenant”

The app that would have changed everything: Instagram

Small photo of Dicaprio the day after his night spent in a dead horse with the caption “Woke up like this” and hop, in three or four comments people would have come looking for him with hot chocolate and we wouldn’t have done all of it a hay.

11. All the characters of “Inception”

The app that would have changed everything: The alarm

The movie wouldn’t have lasted even a minute if everyone had set their fucking alarm clock on their smartphone, no excuses guys, you’re just big dicks because you all have a smartphone and the ability to see if you’re sleeping instead of snoozing.

12. Captain of “Titanic”

The app that would have changed everything: Weather report

“Big risk of iceberg in the night”. If the captain of the liner had had the weather app, we would have avoided a terrible tragedy. Well, the problem here is that it’s not just a movie, it happened in real life.

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