Top 12 Most Awkward Movie Kiss Scenes

The cinema is made to make people feel things, to travel, to think, but above all to see people who are much better off than us on the big screen. On top of that it’s often well done but there are still some big failures, kissing scenes so unnatural, really abused or strange that they make people feel uncomfortable and even vomit. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but frankly, sometimes it’s disgusting.

1. Howard The Duck

A duck landed from space who manages to nab a human, all with a very disgusting costume from the worst costume and special effects shop in cinema. It gives a very gritty and quite funny kiss scene, but the kiss was a bit too much, it’s still a duck in fact.

2. Blank Check

What if we had a 12-year-old kid and a grown woman kiss for no fucking reason? That’s what happens in this movie where a kid finds a bundle of dough and an FBI agent is sent to investigate him. After a discussion scene between the two characters, the adult woman decides to kiss the kid, because why not, it’s illegal and disgusting, but she’s probably above the law.

3. Split

Ok so we have a kid kidnapped and sequestered by an adult who has several personalities including that of a kid and out of nowhere the kid kisses the adult when the kid’s personality is “active” so that he has his first kiss. Really very very very weird and awkward.

4. Alien : Covenant

What a particularly shady scene this one is: we see the android David played by Michael Fassbender kissing the android Walter played by Michael Fassbender just before one of the two bumps into the other. A very shady scene where this passionate kiss between Michael Fassbender and himself causes a strange discomfort.

5. Jason Goes To Hell

The film we thought was the last of the saga Friday 13 shows us a Jason who manages to make his soul “travel” between different bodies to get out of it, that’s why we have the opportunity to see him kiss a victim to transfer his soul in a scene particularly disgusting where we see two actors pass a disgusting black thing between their respective mouths.

6. Jurassic World

Imagine going to a theme park with dinosaurs where the famous critters are trying to eat everyone. Now imagine that the only two people around you who are in charge of the big mess and who know about the creatures because they work for the park start kissing instead of helping you while everyone else is freaking out. You would find that a little out of place, wouldn’t you? You would be right.

7. High Voltige

As you know, the age difference between actors is a very serious thing. In the movie High-flying Catherine Zeta Jones (who was 30) ends up in the arms of Sean Connery (who was 69) and kisses him languidly. No problem with the age difference in real life, but it’s always boring when it’s something we keep talking about in movies to show that 39 years of age difference is normal.

8. Star Wars : Rise of Skywalker

As much as the scene isn’t shocking or as gross as Leia and Luke being brother and sister, but it completely comes out of nowhere. At no time in the trilogy do we see them sharing something, Kylo especially tries to butt Rey as soon as he has the opportunity and there, at the last moment, we see them kissing for no reason because the producers realized that there was no love story and that it was not normal.

9. The Wizard

Young Fred Savage was 12 when this good old 80s movie was filmed, and he was forced to have his first kiss on camera with an actress a little older than him (for whom it doesn’t shouldn’t have been much funnier). Savage’s face as she kisses him shows how completely lost he is, and it makes for a particularly eerie scene, he’s been kinda robbed of an important moment in his life.

10. Top Pee-wee

It’s not that the scene is disturbing because of the characters or the story, the two protagonists finally end up kissing and it’s very nice. No, the problem is that the kiss lasts two minutes. Two fucking minutes is way too long, two minutes, some pasta cooks in two minutes.

11. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

You are going to tell me that next to the Lannisters in Game of Thrones they’re little players, but the “we’re brother and sister and we kiss” side (even if they don’t know it) is a little uncomfortable. We obviously forgive because this film is the best Star Wars never realized and I already feel bad for having talked about it in this top, forgive me.

12. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I’m sorry, but the scene where Hermione starts kissing Dobby languidly really pissed me off, it was disgusting overall as a moment, no one in the room understood.

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