Top 12 mistakes not to make with your computer, update it damn

Whether it’s old or new, whether it’s $100 or $16,000 because it has great wheels Apple, whether used for office automation or for gaming: computers are part of our everyday lives and we must take great care of them to avoid going back to the checkout after two months. Since we can talk about extremely different models and components, each point of the top will not necessarily lend itself to your personal machine, but we still suggest that you see some examples of errors not to do with it, use it as a paddle during a canoe trip for example.

1. Don’t ignore overheating

If your computer is starting to give off more heat than a burning heater tossed around a campfire, it might be time to give it a break. Make sure you don’t block the ventilation (if it’s placed on the bottom and you have it on your lap, for example) because you could burn out your hard drive. Avoid putting it on your duvet when you are in bed as well and favor a compact and smooth surface or a support provided for this purpose.

2. Leave it plugged in all the time

We would tend to believe that leaving your laptop plugged in permanently can save the battery as long as possible, but it is quite the opposite. You will weaken it and lower its lifespan, on the contrary you have to favor complete charging and discharging cycles, exactly as we explained to you with the errors we make with our telephones.

3. Always turn off your computer

You may tend to leave your machine on standby for indefinite periods of time, which is clearly not good for your computer: on the one hand it leaves it running for no reason when you are not going to use it and the therefore use for nothing and on the other hand it does a lot of cleaning tasks before turning off, so if you never turn it off you are preventing it from doing this job.

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4. Wait for the complete shutdown before closing the screen (for a laptop)

If you close your screen before your machine has completely shut down, you risk interrupting a cleaning and saving process that it does automatically before actually shutting down. It’s not necessarily recommended and above all it won’t really make it start faster the next time.

5. Avoid having your laptop on your lap

If the English name “laptop” means “on the knees” it seems like a good bullshit to do. Apart from the fact that it’s bad for your neck, having your computer on your lap can promote overheating and if you read the first point, heat is not your hard drive’s best friend. Keep it on a table or on a stand if you really want to use it that way.

6. Move with when your hard drive performs a task

If you move your laptop while your hard drive is performing a task you may hear a rather unpleasant noise of rubbing inside the mess, which is clearly not a good sign since it is probably the arm of your computer. actuator that gets stuck and could scratch your hard drive and permanently damage or ruin it.

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7. Strain your charger cable (or abruptly unplug it)

If, like me, you have ever unplugged the charger from your wall socket by pulling like a fool, know that you risk not only breaking your socket but also your charger. On the other hand, if you are so far from the socket and your cable is too tight, it is rather bad start to keep it as long as possible. Take care of your damn business.

8. Having a full or poorly organized hard drive

The more your hard drive will be saturated, the more your computer will be slow to perform tasks and will be prone to heating up quickly. Cleaning up is always advisable, just like a reset after backing up your important data on an external hard drive can’t hurt. When you download files or software a whole bunch of packages accumulate and remain even if you think you have deleted all of them, starting from scratch can really blow your hard disk away and give it a second life.

9. Avoid all mistakes on the internet

Clicking on bad links, opening emails or attachments from people you don’t know, choosing a rotten password, downloading files from anywhere… In short, we told you about it in the errors you shouldn’t not do on the internet and there are plenty of them that can smash your computer like a glass of soda on your keyboard.

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10. Not updating

If updates exist it’s not to give the impression that computer manufacturers are working, there are reasons and they are important. Updates can fix bugs, close vulnerabilities, improve the behavior of your machine and are really very very important. So yes, it can be boring depending on the size of the update because you can’t use it during the installation but never leave it lying around for too long.

11. Never uninstall what is not needed

If something is not used on your computer, then it unnecessarily clutters your hard disk and can therefore slow it down and “tire” it unnecessarily: the more it is cluttered, the more difficult it is to operate. Concerning the pre-installed software, it’s a bit the same, what doesn’t serve you has generally nothing to do there, so make room, it can only be positive.

12. Use optimization software (or other) without asking

You’d be tempted to install something that pretends to be optimization software that improves your computer’s capabilities, but usually this software is malware that won’t do you any good. Overall, it is never recommended to install software without learning too much about it or checking the opinions on specialized sites, but you probably won’t do it and complain when you have ten ass pop-ups every time you start it. of internet.

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