Top 12 misconceptions about body hair, stop the mythos

At Topito, no hair in the hand when it comes to fighting against clichés. No, we are committed, we fight, we take them head on (hairy or not) and we are not afraid to dismantle all your received ideas. I see you, you’re already a hair away from screaming that you’re being told nonsense, but NO. Canards, that’s what you’ve been told since your earliest childhood. In short, time to know what is the looting truth, thanks to this top… in the hair!

1. Hair only serves to ruin our lives

As creepy as they may be, body hair is actually more our friends than our enemies! Yes, you have just spent an hour depilating them, alternating fits of hysteria, tears and screams of pain, but I swear to you that they are there to make our lives easier. In particular, they protect our body from irritation, act as barriers to bacteria, regulate body humidity and retain perspiration, for example.

2. Hairs are a love killer

Everyone has their personal relationship with hair, we love it, we hate it or we don’t care. We have the right to love as well as not to appreciate at all, but the thing is like this: they have an aphrodisiac function. The pubis and the armpits are indeed parts of the body that emit pheromones, and the hairs make it possible to fix these substances. Consequence: they promote sexual attraction. Eh yes !

3. Shaving makes hair grow thicker…

The clichés have a hard tooth, but the hairs are not more so if they are shaved! According to Adam Boulding, director of scientific communication for Gillette Venus, if our hairs are blacker and thicker after a shave, it is because their tips are cut clean. In any case, after puberty and menopause, they naturally change in appearance and thicken.

4. … and above all, more!

No matter how you get rid of it, the hairs grow back in exactly the same number: 10 lost, 10 found. So why do 2/3 of the population think shaving increases their numbers? Well, because of their shape! The bristles are “tapered”, that is to say wider at the base than at the end. When we shave we cut them at the widest part, and they therefore grow back with a larger diameter. We have the impression that there are more, but no!

5. Shaving regrows hair faster than waxing

Oh no! By shaving, we cut the hair on the surface, by depilating it, we even tear out the bulb. When it regrows, the shaved hair therefore takes longer to appear on the surface since it must first emerge from the hair follicle and cross the skin barrier. The shaved hair, on the other hand, pushes back directly to the surface and therefore says “hello” to us more quickly. It’s just a matter of distance. Two cars traveling at 130 km/h are not faster or slower than the other. But the one leaving from Poitiers will arrive in Paris faster than the one leaving from Toulouse. You understood ?

6. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on dark skin…

It may have been true in the 90s-2000s, but technology has come a long way since then! Now there is a laser with a wavelength adapted to each skin tone. Clearly, whether you have light or dark skin, you can resort to permanent hair removal, and it will work just as well for one as for the other.

7. …. Besides, permanent hair removal is really permanent

Sorry to disappoint us, but no, not really. In fact, it’s more of a (very) long-term treatment than an ad vitam æternam hair removal (well, I can use my Latin lessons.). According to experts, this is an 80% disappearance of hair over 5 years. In some cases, for the lucky ones, that percentage can stretch to 99% over many years, but that’s far from a majority. So, before you laser crack your PEL, be aware of this. And buy an electric bike, instead. It’s more reliable.

8. A hairy armpit sweats more than a waxed armpit

Nope, still not! We sweat as much, whether our underarms are totally shaved, semi-shaved (which often indicates a breakdown of an electric epilator, or pain that is too intense to complete the job) or not shaved at all . On the other hand, the smell of perspiration is actually stronger on the hairy side since the hair retains the odors.

9. Men are hairier than women.

Hey nooooo guys! Hairs aren’t human, so they don’t discriminate! The difference: the hairs of women remain in the downy state on certain parts of the body (mustache and beard, in particular) while those of men develop at puberty. Sometimes. Not always.

10. Pulling out ingrown hairs is safe

At best, you risk irritation, at worst, a good infection of his mother! The temptation is great, but you put away your tweezers or your needle, and you wait patiently. We exfoliate our skin, we nourish it and we hydrate it, but we’re not going to recover anything underneath! Thanks.

11. Eyebrows are just for decoration

So much so that some get rid of them and prefer to have them tattooed (never do that, please). Already, first non-negligible point, they protect our little eyes by preventing sweat from dripping in them (yuck). Second, they allow us to communicate a wide range of emotions without having to speak (the more you wrinkle them, the more you look VNR, the more you lower them, the more you look sad, the more you raise them, the more we seem surprised, like you, reading this top). BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. This communication through the eyebrows has made it possible to… Save lives! Those of our ancestors, prehistoric men. Thanks to the eyebrows, they could quickly communicate their intentions, signify that they meant no harm to anyone, and therefore, avoid getting knocked out. According to archaeologist Penny Spikins (University of York) men with flatter foreheads and more mobile eyebrows survived better than others.

12. The Portuguese are hairier than the rest of the world.

Ahhhh you’ve been waiting for this point, huh? There are clichés well anchored in the collective imagination, and the problem with this one is that it is a bit (lol) racist. There is indeed an ethnic factor in the distribution of hairiness and men or women of the Mediterranean type have a more marked tendency to exacerbated hairiness. On the other hand, it is not specific to Portugal, but to several Mediterranean countries. So: the Portuguese are no hairier than their neighbours. Thank you for taking notes.

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