Top 12 Memorable Roles With Just A Few Minutes On Screen

Sometimes it only takes a few things to make a big impression: a successful apple pie on a night out with friends, opening a beer with a lighter on a college night or a bite pattern bow tie. during a very classy wedding. In the field of cinema, we sometimes say to ourselves while watching a film that an actor who does not have much time on the screen literally steals the show from the main role, his performance potentially becoming cult at the same time. And it is exactly these roles that we are going to talk about right now, those which are hardly on the screen but which are inseparable from the film.

1. David Prowse and James Earl Jones as Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” saga

Prowse was in the costume and Earl Jones was the voice of one of the most iconic villains in cinema. You are going to say to me “nah but anything topito (which is not my first name), Darth Vader is not a small role !! Well imagine that in terms of screen time, Vader only appears 34 minutes in the entire first trilogy. Which gives an average of eleven minutes per film and it’s still not huge.

2. Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger in “The Claws of the Night”

The (absolutely awesome) movie “Claws of the Night” has remained cult for a bunch of people and this has mainly to do with the fact that its main antagonist was terrifyingly original and memorable. Freddy instantly became iconic, despite the short seven minutes he was on screen in the film. And it was still not necessarily won with such a disgusting sweater and a kind of stupid fisherman’s hat.

3. Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker in “Scream”

The film Scream had literally made a worldwide hit when it was released. Everyone was only talking about his creepy killer and his original ending. For the youngest among you, assume that before that of Dali in “La Casa De Papel” or Guy Fawkes in “V for Vendetta” taken up by Anonymous, the real fashionable mask was that of the killer Scream’s “Ghost Face”. However, the real cult scene of the film is its truly striking introduction with a very young Drew Barrymore alone at home on the phone with the mysterious killer. Almost a quarter of an hour of appearance on the screen and yet, it is the performance that we retain from the film.

4. Alec Baldwin as Blake in “Glengarry Glen Ross”

In the long list of cult lines or scenes with a striking speech, you can easily find that of Blake in the film Glengarry Glen Ross. However, the character played by good old Baldwin (also known to be a little sucker on the sets and who could find his place in the top of the unbearable actors) is only present eight minutes on the screen. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to be remembered.

Top 12 memorable roles with just a few minutes on
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5. Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” saga

He is the villain that we love to hate, the pungent little crevice that we find throughout the eight films of the saga and who always comes to piss off Harry and his friends (who sometimes deserve it a little). However, Malfoy is not very present on the screen since he only appears 31 minutes in all eight films, which gives less than 4 minutes per film if we divide arbitrarily. Honestly admit that you also thought he was there more often, right?

6. Viola Davis as Ms Miller in the movie “Doubt”

If the character of Ms Miller is only present on screen for eight minutes, he probably has the most cult scene in the film with a monologue that is simply striking and interpreted so well that it will earn the actress an Oscar nomination. . Sometimes we would like certain actors to be in the picture longer, so much they burst the screen, Viola Davis is one of them.

7. Matthew McConaughey as Mark Hanna in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

It must be said that Scorsese’s film has become cult also for its disproportionate story and the performance of the entire cast, but that of McConaughey has become literally historic. Ten minutes on the screen, barely, but the scene of the speech and the kind of motivating music has become cult. Already when you become a meme it’s a good way to know if the thing has worked.

8. William Hurt as Richie Cusack in “History of violence”

This very good film by Cronenberg, adapted from the Wagner and Locke comics, stuck in the minds of a lot of people after watching it. A few cult (and violent) scenes, a gripping story, colorful characters and a mastered choral interpretation. That being said, it is in the last quarter of the film that the character of Richie Cusack appears for almost eight minutes. No more, less than ten minutes and an Oscar nomination for this very remarkable short stint.

9. Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane in “Batman Begins”

If he did not become the most iconic villain of the famous trilogy of the dark knight of Nolan, the character of Crane aka the scarecrow is still very successful. However, when we finish the film we still say to ourselves “it’s weird, I have the impression that we hardly saw it in the film”, which is true since it only appears eight minutes in. It’s still very fast but little Cillian is clearly doing the job.

10. Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Although the film is named after him, the Winter Soldier is only onscreen for about 13 minutes, notably in a mythical chase scene. The character’s presence in seven MCU films in total boils down to 49 minutes, and while he’s not the most talkative character he still remains one of the most important in history by being the actor of ‘importants events. Frankly, he deserves his streak with the Falcon which could be in the most anticipated playoffs of 2021.

11. Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs”

No need to introduce you to the character of Hannibal, whose interpretation of Hopkins marked many people. If he is not the main character of the film and the novel, the role of Lecter is quite indispensable in the film, even stealing the limelight from the “Buffalo Bill” of a masterful Ted Levine. Barely sixteen minutes on the screen at most and an Oscar in his pocket for Hopkins who signs his most famous role. An appetite suppressant film.

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12. Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice in “Beetlejuice”

Yes, we end with this good old Tim Burton film which has remained a classic for many people. Although the title of the film refers to the name of one of the characters, he is not the main protagonist of the story. He is even not very present in the film since he only appears 17 minutes in the film of almost an hour and a half. It’s not huge, and yet Keaton’s crazy interpretation is remembered.

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