Top 12 influencers who ask for abused stuff, big lack of education here

When you’re an influencer, what’s cool is that brands regularly send you free stuff so that you can highlight them on your networks. But, inevitably, there are influencers who go too far and who completely abuse trying to have lots of advantages under the pretext that they are followed by lots of people (obviously this is absolutely not the case for all people who do this job). Well let me tell you…that…that’s not cool.

1. She wanted free flowers for her wedding.

” _ Thank you for your reply. Let me know if you are interested in a trade. In exchange for your products, I will post photos and stories with tag and hashtag on your page and link to your store.

_ Or why not pay for your wedding items yourself, then post photos and stories on your page, as I would do for you. If I buy something and it’s fantastic, I’m letting people know it’s the right thing to do for small independent creators, especially right now. I’ve had 75 weddings postponed this year due to covid but that hasn’t stopped influencers from asking for things for free, you’re number six this month alone. Having Instagram followers is not a ticket to getting free stuff. So please, especially in times like these, help others by actually buying what you need and then posting reviews. »

2. A bit of free surgery?

“I am looking for a plastic surgeon to do a collab”

3. All that to eat to the eye

” Health [Nom du resto], I will be in Bali in August 2019 to film my series on luxury. I would like to promote your restaurant in exchange for a free meal. My audience is into luxury and travel and can bring a lot of money to your business. »

4. Ah bah finally she can no longer influence people to buy?

“_ I am obsessed with your brand!! I have a lot of followers on tiktok (49.7k) I would love to collaborate and showcase your products. My tiktok is [nom du tiktok] and I have 40k views per video and 2000 likes per photo on Instagram. I can really boost your sales, so what you can do is send me your pink butterfly necklace and set of earrings and I’ll wear them to show off.

_ Hello, we have an offer for influencers where you can buy something from our store and get a discount code for your followers. If 12 people buy using your code, we’ll refund the money. Thanks

_ It’s too expensive. I do not want it anymore “

5. They always have a rude way of asking for more.

“Usually the deal we do with restaurants is that you give me and my friend a meal on the house in exchange for an Instagram post and good reviews.

_ With all due respect, I would say that you have as much right to review my restaurant as I do your menstrual cycle. »

6. Un job en or

“I’m looking for someone to travel with me for 2-3 months and work with me + accompany me in my projects.

Prerequisites: Being nice, having a sense of humor like mine, being able to work professionally with a camera!!! Love to travel, be open to new cultures, be available 24/7.

Please only message me if you can take professional photos.

Disadvantages: You must have professional equipment and pay for the travel expenses yourself.

Advantages: You gain a lot of experience and you are exposed in front of an audience of 300k followers. »

7. Before playing the influencer, you must already have influence

“_ My name is Nadia and I love your personalized Air Force Ones! I was wondering if you would be interested in sending me a pair for free in exchange for promoting your products and your brand on my social media account (link) I would absolutely love to promote your product! I have 1000 to 7000 views on some unboxing videos, and more than 900 likes on these same videos. Let me know what you decide! I can give you my shipping information and contact details if needed! I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Nadia

_ I don’t give away $180 shoes for free and I also have more likes and followers than you on tiktok, so the answer is no. »

8. This guy is nauseous

“But before telling you how to apply: There is no salary and no holidays for three months. You stay at the end and I will give you a full time job. I’m going to be incredibly hard on you, so only apply if you’re passionate about growth and want to do something good with your life. Do not apply if you are looking for a quick win or quick cash. This position is not for you. This is NOT a remote work position. You will have to come to my office every day! Please only apply if you can manage your daily transport. I am based at […] »

9. The guy leaves a bad note because he was not given a slice of pizza for free

“I was so excited to grab a slice of pizza for National Cheese Pizza Day today and sadly had a horrible customer experience. They refused to sell me a slice of cheese pizza because I was missing 30 cents. 30 CENT. This represents 7% of the total cost. As an alternative, I told them that I was a food blogger on Instagram and that I would post the slice of pizza on my page (watch out, I have over 10,000 followers and restaurants frequently ask me to come and try their pizza for free in exchange for a post). When the cashier came back after speaking with her manager, she said there would be no discount. It’s a shame they couldn’t see the value of what I had to offer them and it’s disappointing because now they’ve lost a potential customer forever. I will never go back to try their pizza, it’s not worth it. »

10. The guy’s nerve

“_ Yo man how are you? Your tattoos are phew but you could really have more followers. I’m an up-and-coming influencer and I’d be willing to collaborate with you on my insta to give you a ton of exposure in exchange for some ink. I want a tattoo on both arms, but we can discuss that later. Keep me informed !

_ Lol okay. Visibility doesn’t pay the bills, man. I tattoo a lot of people with more reach and “influence” than you, and they don’t ask for free stuff. Moreover, you have 5 times less followers than me. How about doing some free stuff for me in exchange for exposure? Keep me informed ! »

11. “I would like to help you but in fact you are helping me”

“_ Hey guys hope you are all well – we want to help our friends in Melbourne during this time whilst also helping you guys – we have a large following in Melbourne and we are wondering if you would be interested in a little exchange where anyone who comes from us could get a small discount?

_ Is this your way of offering help? I’m sorry but we can’t afford it. We are barely doing right now and you are asking us to offer you discounts?? »

12. This “oh no no” in “we misunderstood” mode is magical

“_ For a digital drawing I charge 40.

_ Oh no no, I’m a model and an actress, so you would make a drawing so that I can promote you in all my groups of artists to which I belong, and I could also perhaps make you integrate this group of artists super exclusive artists of which I am one because I am a model for them, this way you can get more commissions for your work. »

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