Top 12 Hidden Details In Stranger Things Season 4, Watch Out For Spoilers

The series that we almost all expected is back and we can say that the actors of Stranger Things have changed a lot since the previous season. We had our share of revelation with Vecna ​​/ Henry Creel and his way of killing the teenagers of Hawkins using their traumas. We now know that he does all this to destroy humanity but above all to take revenge on Eleven who condemned him to live in the Upside Down by opening the very first portal. Despite all this new information, there are still plenty of hidden details that we hadn’t noticed and we’re here to share them with you.


1. Will gives a presentation on Alan Turing, mathematician persecuted for his homosexuality

We’ve been wondering if Will is gay for four seasons now, and while it didn’t matter at first, hidden details in the final season aren’t trivial. Already, the exaggerated discomfort between Mike and Will suggests that the latter might have a little crush on his best friend, but that’s not all. When the Lenora Hills students give their talk, Will comes up with a visual aid to Alan Turing, a mathematician and computer pioneer who was persecuted for being gay. Funny coincidence.

Stranger things turing

2. The popular high school teens squat at Benny’s, the restaurateur who was killed at the start of the series

Before the basketball players learn of Chrissy’s death, they are sleeping off in a squat where they usually party. This squat is a restaurant, Benny’s, closed for several years. You don’t remember who Benny is? He is the nice gentleman who fed Eleven after her escape and who was coldly shot down by the bad guys looking for the little girl. A somewhat creepy scene shows a teenager sleeping in the same position as Benny’s body after he was murdered.

Stranger things bennys

3. The clock sound that warns a character of their impending death has already been heard by Billy in Season 3

In season 4, we discover all the delirium of clocks announcing the death of the person who hears their sound. In fact, this detail was a bit planned since Billy already hears it in season 3 when he begins to be possessed by the Mind Flayer, and therefore by Vecna.

4. Eleven signs her letter to Mike “From, El” instead of “Love, El” because she still resents him.

In the episode where Mike and Eleven have a fight at Joyce’s house, Eleven tells Mike that she is sad because she always signs her letters with the phrase “Love” while Mike just writes “From Mike”. We understand that Eleven still resents her when she leaves because in the letter left to Mike, she signed “From, El”. Too bad for you Mike the sucker.

Stranger things letter

5. The staircase Eleven runs down to Hawkins’ lab to escape is the same one where Hopper cries at the death of her daughter Sara

Here is a detail that could be useful to understand the rest of the story: the stairs that we see in the flashback of Eleven are not unknown to us. We have certainly already seen them during the battle against the Demogorgons in season 2 but also in the memories of Hopper. Indeed, it is on these same stairs that Jim cries after the death of his daughter. Actor David Harbor confirmed that it was indeed the same place, so that means Sara died in Hawkins’ lab and not in the hospital.

Eleven running
Hopper crying

6. Pennhurst Psychiatric Hospital was already mentioned in season 1 when Eleven meets the boys.

Pennhurst is a psychiatric hospital that really existed and has a reputation as a haunted institution. This is where Nancy and Robin go to see Victor Creel but this is not the first time the place has been mentioned in the series. In the first episode of the first season, the boys wonder where Eleven has come from with her shaved head and her hospital gown. Quite logically, Lucas proposes “If it is, she escaped from Pennhurst”.

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7. Victor Creel is played by Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund

The villain isn’t always who you think it is (even if the blonde who plays 001 really looks like a villain) and Victor Creel, although creepy, is ultimately innocent. He is played by Robert Englund, the actor of Freddy Krueger, and we can see the reference to his old character when he scratches the metal with his bare hands, a memory of the blades that Freddy wears on his glove.

Victor creel
Victor creel hands

8. When Max is in the Upside Down, we can see a grave where he is engraved “Myers”

Another detail in a horror film, we can see the grave of Michael Myers (the character of Halloween) in the Upside Down not far from Vecna. It’s free but after all why not.

As we can’t see very well, we can say that it is written “Byers” and that it is Will’s grave. It’s immediately funnier.

Max tombe myers

9. Saying “Never tell me the odds” before the dice roll, Dustin quotes Han Solo

In the final battle of Dungeons & Dragons, Dustin has to roll the dice and when told that he only has a 1 in 20 chance of succeeding, he replies “Never tell me the odds”. This sentence is Han Solo who pronounces it in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when he tries to outrun the bad guys in an asteroid field.

Dustin stranger things


10. Max walks past Lucas twice in the high school hallway.

When Max walks past Lucas in the halls of the school in the first episode, the shots follow one another very quickly. Looking closely, we see that Max walks past the lockers twice: once when the camera is on her face and once when we see Lucas watching her from a distance.

Max stranger things
Lucas stranger things

11. Joyce pulls the rope as the paint bucket has already reached the branch

When Joyce is on the phone with Murray, she is seen pulling on a rope attached to a paint can for leverage. The thing is that she shoots really long and from one shot to another, we can see that the pot should have already reached the branch.

Joyce pot peinture

12. Everyone Forgets Poor Will’s Birthday

We thought it was a deliberate hidden detail, but the showrunner of the series confirmed that it was not intentional: everyone forgot Will’s birthday. On the California bad boy’s video camera, the date of March 22 is seen, and several years earlier, Joyce mentioned that it was his son’s birthday. Not cool, nobody wished him.

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