Top 12 Funniest Subway Employees

Just like the people who work at McDo, those who work at Subway have to deal daily with hordes of reluctant and disrespectful customers who think they are at their daronne. Faced with this kind of individuals, it is better to have a strong mind, and above all a good sense of humor, otherwise depression is guaranteed. Fortunately, the Subway team members seem to know how to mess around.

1. He said the terms of respect

“We think our staff are amazing!! Please do not undermine their spirits with the use of negative or malicious words. If you think you can do their job better, we welcome applications! :)”

2. I would have liked to see the owner’s reaction to his return

“Due to the owners’ failure to communicate, we’ve run out of most of our most popular products, so we employees rather than take scolding ourselves for the lack of products – which doesn’t depend from us – we have unanimously decided to close the store until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can send your complaints to the owner, and we’re sure he’ll respond when he gets back from his cruise. »

3. A very useful little note

Customer Note: “Guinea Pigs don’t come from India and aren’t even pigs. These are lies! I hope whoever reads this has a good day! »

4. Poor salad

“Please don’t touch the glass or knock on it!” It scares the lettuce. Thanks. »

5. Little moment of discomfort in perspective

“My Colleagues and I Acting Like Weird People” / “The Client We Hadn’t Noticed Yet”

6. It’s nice to see an employee who loves their products.

“My vegetables this morning before they were destroyed during the rush”

7. Be a bit logical

“Guys say ‘my sandwich is gross’, but man, you chose to put ALL the ingredients in it”

8. Cool decor

In this Subway, there is a miniature Lego Subway.

9. Nice outfit

The real Subway Knight himself.

10. Being friends with someone who works at Subway is a good plan

“When all the crisps go bad today and you end up bringing home 134 packets”

11. Lots of distress in this post

“The store closes at 7 p.m., sorry for the inconvenience caused. Nobody came to work except me. I’ve been here 12 hours and haven’t had a day off in 30 days. If you report me, I’ll quit, too, and there’ll be no one left to make your sandwich. »

12. If he doesn’t get it with this style…

“Hello babes”

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