Top 12 football stars who turned down an offer to Real Madrid

In history, Mbappé is not the only great football star who said “no” to Real. In fact there are even many others, and not the least, who have refused an opportunity at the Casa Blanca. As they say, the doors of Real only open once in a lifetime. Who are these people who dared to say no to the most successful club in Europe? Let’s check.

1. We already knew it, but Mbappé is of course part of it

We start this top with Mbappé who recently refused the offer from Real as we well know. The young player preferred to stay at PSG. After long months of waiting, he finally explained his choice by saying that he believed in the club’s sporting project and wanted to remain faithful to his hometown. Obviously this displeased Real, which remains unsatisfied and in particular the supporters who did not hesitate to clash with the French star on all the networks, and by repeating several times “the doors of Casa Blanca only open once once in a lifetime”, yeah that’s what they say, you’ll see the rest of the top proves otherwise.

2. Neymar said no to Real for Barcelona

Like his colleague, Neymar had also refused the call from Real, twice this time. The first time was when he was 13 years old, he finally refused this opportunity to stay in Brazil (which we can understand). The second time was in 2013, Real were in competition with Barça, and Neymar finally chose to join the Catalan club to live what were perhaps his best years at the club.


3. Luis Suarez also preferred Barça to Real

And like little Ney, Suarez refused in 2014 to play at Real for Barça. It is thanks to this that the MSN was formed and entered into legend. A little later, Suarez will play well for a club in the Spanish capital, but still not Real. It will be with the rival, Atletico, that Suarez will go, to believe that he really has a grudge against Real Madrid that one…

4. Francesco Totti nearly flinched (but didn’t)

The leaders of Real have a hollow nose, and that’s why they approached the great Totti in 2006, when he was the reigning world champion. But Francesco is the man of only one club: AS Roma, which he will never have betrayed.

With hindsight, the Italian said in The Guardian in 2021: “having refused Real leaves a little regret”, nevertheless he would not have become the footballing legend he is if he had changed clubs during his career.

5. Patrick Vieira refused the doors of the Casa Blanca

Mbappé is not the only Frenchman to have said no to Real. Long before him Vieira had been approached by Real and had refused to finally sign for Juventus. The player had explained this choice by the fear of lacking recognition, as was the case with Claude Makelele, for example.

6. Robert Lewandowski courted by Real finally preferred the Bundesliga

The Pole is one of the best centre-forwards in the German league, luckily for the Bundesliga, he turned down Real’s offer. It didn’t take much for Lewandowski to join League A, but he ultimately preferred Bayern.

7. Sergio Agüero repeatedly refused approaches from Real

Sergio Aguero has been in demand for Real Madrid for a long time in recent years. And yet he refused her approaches several times. Manchester City’s top scorer has never said yes, and he now plays for Madrid rivals FC Barcelona.

8. Pogba could have been part of the Madrid selection

Another Frenchman on the list! Before leaving Juve, Pogba was approached by Real who offered the same sum for his transfer as that offered by Manchester United. But he finally preferred to return to Manchester because “his heart told him to go back there”. Too bad for him, he will never play under the direction of Zizou, but it is his choice.

9. Verratti, another Paris star, also refused Real

Another Parisian who remains faithful to his club (weird). In 2016, Verratti, one of the best midfielders of his generation, was approached by Real but preferred to stay with the Parisians. He hopes to win a title of European champions with PSG (mdr we believe in it), and it must be said that it is honorable.

10. Gianluigi Buffon, is also part of the refusal list

In 2006, Real forced Buffon to join them. Especially since Juve had been relegated because of the Serie A match-fixing affair, which is also why Real saw themselves as a savior. But Buffon wanted to remain faithful to the Old Lady despite her relegation, this dedication is beautiful.

11. Gerrard, living proof that Real Madrid’s doors can open several times

Another proof that the doors of Real can sometimes open several times, especially for legends like Gerrard. Gerrard is also a one-club man. He stayed 17 years at Liverpool, a club he did not want to leave for Real. He had been approached in 2004 and 2010, Real had therefore followed him for 6 long years, all that to be refused in both cases. Hard blow.

12. And finally, the legend Didier Drogba, could also have been part of Real

In 2012, Real took a close interest in the sporting qualities of the Ivorian player, who preferred the Italian championship. Finally his transfer to Italy will never have taken place. He ended up joining Turkey before ending his career in the USA. It also happens to make the wrong choices.

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